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And now the ultimate A/V question....

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by TechnoPaul, Oct 29, 2003.

  1. TechnoPaul

    TechnoPaul Guest

    1.4 Ghz athlon,1GB memory, 6 HDD, Win 2K.
    I just installed a Rage Pro 128 video and Sound Blaster live 5.1 as I
    am planning on doing video editing of home video to VCD/SVCD/DVD.

    This subject could fill volumnes so I'll just ask opinions on best
    video editing software and possible better suggestions for video card

    ( current VCR, stereo, only has RCA outs, no S-video. current video
    card has cable in (TV tuner), and 2 , 8 or 9 pin connectors called
    "A/V" in, "A/v" out.

    I have some contraption that accepts all 3 ( vid, L/R) RCA's from VCR
    and fits into the "A/V" in on the video card. But I need to split the
    audio L/R and feed them into the sound card "aux" in .
    So I've got sound and video from VCR, but TV tuner part ( cable in)
    still has no sound....

    OK, nuff said. SUMMARY: I'd like to take my video , cut into clips I
    want, add soundtrack and burn...

    smart people?

    ( price for new VCR/vido card/sound not an issue...)

    TechnoPaul, Oct 29, 2003
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