ANN/request for testers: New HJ-split compatible joiner for Mac OS X

Discussion in 'Apple' started by Don Bruder, Apr 21, 2007.

  1. Don Bruder

    Don Bruder Guest

    There's a new HJ-Split joiner for Macs in town.

    For the past few days, I've been working on hacking together a joiner
    for HJ-Split files (those "*.001, *.002 *.003, *.nnn" files you can get
    in many of the binary groups) that works better than what's currently
    out there for Macs. (My own biased opinion says that the ones that are
    available are too clumsy and/or slow for various reasons)

    So far, my version only joins split files - Capability to split files
    for posting is in the works, but not yet implemented.

    As of right now, this is a development/beta version - it's not real
    fancy, but it works. At least, it works for me on my machine... I expect
    it should work fine on any machine running Mac OS X 10.0.0 or newer,
    since it's written in straight C, to the Carbon APIs, and specifically
    targeting 10.3.9. I don't think I've used anything that would make it
    incompatible with 10.4.x or newer, and likewise, I'm pretty sure
    everything I've used is good all the way back to 10.0.0. I can only test
    on 10.3.9, though, so no promises on any other OS version. It's not a
    "universal" binary, since I don't have an Intel-based Mac, but it should
    run fine on those via the emulation.

    Comments, feedback on performance, bug reports, feature ideas, etc, can
    be sent to me at

    The program can be had here:

    To use it, download the zip file, unzip and place it wherever you want
    it. If you've got a split-set handy, you can give it a go right away -
    Assuming all the files of the set are in the same directory, simply drag
    the "*.001" file to the application (Or you can select the *.001 file,
    right-/control-click to get to "open with..." and tell the system to use
    Mac-HJSplit to open it - if you're REALLY a dedicated type, choose the
    "always use this..." option, and you'll then be able to simply
    double-click any *.001 file to join the split-set it belongs to -
    assuming you've got all the parts of the split, of course...)

    Caveat: Currently, if a file with the filename of the *.001 file, minus
    the ".001" (IE "Split File.mpg", when the .001 file is "Split
    File.mpg.001") already exists in the directory where the .001 file
    lives, the program will silently (well, almost silently - the console
    log will show a failure message complaining about a -48 error) abort the
    joining process. Either move or delete the target file from the
    directory the .001 file is in, and try again. I haven't decided whether
    this should be considered a bug or a feature... It would be easy enough
    to change the behavior to overwrite the existing file, give a message,
    or even ask the user to give a new name, but I haven't done any of those
    yet, pending user feedback. What do YOU think it ought to do?

    The program is multi-processor capable - Dropping/otherwise opening
    multiple *.001 files will run each "split group" as a separate process
    (on multiple processors, if you're got a multi-processor machine, as
    separate tasks if you're running a single-processor rig) without any
    "crosstalk" between them.

    If you want to watch some of what's going on "under the hood", open the
    Console application, and select the "console log" window - It's still
    dumping some diagnostic info there. Otherwise, the UI is pretty simple:
    A window displaying progress that opens up at the beginning of
    processing a split-set, and closes when processing of a split-set is

    No bugs/crashes/misbehavior that I've managed to find (unless you count
    not saying anything when parts of the split-set are missing - I could
    have it report missing pieces, but that's about the best that can be
    done without making it into a "par/par2" program, which isn't really in
    the plans right now) but YMMV, since your machine isn't my machine, and
    I can't test on hardware/OS combinations other than what I've got. If
    you do find a bug/crash, please, let me know.

    And, of course, it was virus/malware/spyware free when I uploaded it to
    my webspace - if you get it from there, it should still be "clean". If
    it comes from someplace else, all bets are off, and I refuse to be held
    responsible for whatever misbehavior it might attempt due to someone
    else tampering with it.

    Give it a shot, and let me know what you think of it, what you think it
    needs, and so on. I'm listening...
    Don Bruder, Apr 21, 2007
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