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Announcement: New version of UML state machine code generatoravailable

Discussion in 'Embedded' started by Peter Mueller, Mar 6, 2010.

  1. Hello list readers,
    The new version now supports the generation of C / C++ / nesC / ObjC /
    Ada and C#
    code. SinelaboreRT was built especially with embedded real-time
    systems in
    mind. Generated code can run even on the smallest uC.

    Some of the new features:
    - Support of ArgoUML to create state chart models
    - More options to define the state handler signature
    - Several new examples
    - Article: "What every embedded sw-engineer should know about state

    Other key features:
    - Generates human readable code
    - Code generation especially for embedded real-time systems
    - Supporting hierarchical designs
    - No run-time environment needed
    - Fits well in different system designs (foreground/background, RTOS-
    based ...)
    - No gap between design and code
    - Support for different input formats (Cadifra, Enterprise Architect,
    UModel, ArgoUML, MagicDraw)
    - Low cost

    If you want to give it a try please visit www.sinelabore.com and
    take a look in the manual. A demo version is also available.

    With best regards,
    Peter Mueller
    Peter Mueller, Mar 6, 2010
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