Another VNF3-250 question

Discussion in 'Chaintech' started by YanquiDawg, Aug 16, 2004.

  1. YanquiDawg

    YanquiDawg Guest

    How to overclock this board with a A64 2800+. Settings are a bit different from
    my old 266A and T-Brid 1800+.
    YanquiDawg, Aug 16, 2004
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  2. YanquiDawg

    Ed Guest

    Raise the CPU clock from 200 on up, this also runs your ram at the same
    MHz (in sync) if ram is set to the DDR400 setting in BIOS.

    I'm running the original bios and have a 3200+ (2.2/512K) in mine with
    3-256mb sticks of Corsair PC3200LLPT (2-3-2-6).

    These BIOS settings are stable for me...
    HT Clock Vcore DDR DimmV
    4x 210 1.50 400 2.6
    4x 215 1.55 400 2.7
    4x 220 1.60 400 2.7
    4x 225 1.60 400 2.8

    I've had it up to 227MHz but lowered HT 3x to in fear of blowing up
    something :) and got a error in prime95, so I dropped the bus back down
    and left HT at 3x and still got an error in P95, so for my setup it
    seems leaving HT at 4x is most stable.

    Good luck,
    Ed, Aug 16, 2004
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  3. YanquiDawg

    YanquiDawg Guest

    Thanks man,that's good info.Just what I needed.Have you tweaked your DDR
    timings at all? I've got one 512MB stick of Buffalo tech(Winbond) PC3700 which
    tranlates to 466 FSB. I doubt I'll get very close to that. Tried changing some
    settings but I got an error saying"not enough memory to load OS. Could you
    point out what settings in the BIOS you changed?
    Another thing is,I'm having really long boot times. Something like a minute
    and a half where my last system was closer to 30 seconds.
    I'm pretty sure both the SATA and onboard LAN are the culprits. How's your boot
    time and did you do anything to speed it up?Thanks again,Dawg
    YanquiDawg, Aug 16, 2004
  4. YanquiDawg

    bp Guest

    Are you using RAID ?
    If so how the hell did you get it work ? Does it look like windows is
    hanging for a minute ? I'm asking because mine hangs and I'm wondering
    if maybe I should wait longer to see if it boots.
    bp, Aug 16, 2004
  5. YanquiDawg

    Ed Guest

    Only thing I changed to OC mine was the CPU Overclock MHz and the CPU
    Vcore and Dimm voltage settings, they are all in the Freq/Volt section.

    I set my ram timings manually and didn't have to change them to
    overclock, just the dimm voltage, but you shouldn't have to mess with
    dimm timings or dimm voltage until you go past 233MHz.

    I'm just using PATA drives, from power on to Windows in about 30

    Ed, Aug 17, 2004
  6. YanquiDawg

    YanquiDawg Guest

    Nope.No Raid.I disabled SATA in the BIOS. I just installed W2K pro(Dual Boot)
    and that boots much quicker.Hmm.
    YanquiDawg, Aug 17, 2004
  7. YanquiDawg

    bp Guest

    Well that doesn't help much. ;(
    bp, Aug 18, 2004
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