Any ideas for faster (or cooler) than this

Discussion in 'Abit' started by John Gardner, Nov 3, 2003.

  1. John Gardner

    John Gardner Guest

    This is the "one" I want to go all-out for. I know I'll catch hell for the
    money involved, but this stuff is my life and I want to go for it.

    I'd like any suggestions/criticisms on this combination of components. What
    I am aiming for is a machine that will perform with gaming, intense java/c++
    compilations of enormous programs, and video editing.

    Let me address some expected criticism (or at least see if I can prophesize
    it ;-)

    I should be using a dual processor server class board configuration
    The Raptors are way over priced vs. their performance edge and (obviously)
    I don't really need a Tera-byte of storage
    The Raid 0 config will crash and kill data
    The P4 EE is ridiculously priced
    Who needs friggin' *lights* on their memory DIMMS

    Now, ignoring that ;-) this is what we're looking at:

    MB Abit IC-7G Max III
    CPU Pentium 3.2GHz EE 800/3.2/2MB L2 cache
    HDsys 2 WD740GD (10Krpm,4.5ms,8MB,FDB) as Raid 0 on the ICH5R, comm
    HDdata 4 WD2500JD as Raid 0+1 (unless I want to brag about a TB of
    storage :) on the SI
    Memory Corsair TWINWX 1024-4000Pro
    Graphics ATI 9800XT
    Monitor 2 Samsung 213T 21.3 LCD monitors (already have these - they rock)
    Audio Creative Labs SB0240P
    Cooling Thermalright SLK-900-U
    PSU Enermax EG651P-VE
    Case Beantech BT-80
    Misc. A gyro mouse, a luminescent keyboard, tricked VU style meters,
    cast lighting

    Overclocking is a big deal, and I am vacillating between 3200PRO and
    4000PRO. The tradeoff between raw speed vs. latency is not something I have
    made my mind up about yet!

    So, my question is. If you were building this, what components would you
    change or add. I am not saying price is no object (it is definitely an
    object!), but this is a work of love, and I want it to be as bad as
    possible. I seriously considered prometia phase change cooling, and may at
    some point move to that, but for now I'm looking for a lan party monster
    that I could at least move with a fork lift.

    Let me have it!
    John G.
    John Gardner, Nov 3, 2003
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  2. John Gardner

    jeffc Guest

    I'm curious about your disk storage. If you're doing "intense" compiles of
    "enormous" programs, and video editing, then why is your data drive your
    slow(er) drive?
    Are these 1G sticks? Those are extremely expensive. It would be more cost
    effective to go with 4 512M sticks.
    Quality drive, but you might want to check out the big review of 21 power
    supplies on Tom's hardware (sorry don't know the exact link). The Enermax
    did well, but a couple did better. Now is this a 650W power supply or
    something? That sounds silly.
    jeffc, Nov 3, 2003
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  3. John Gardner

    Fishface Guest

    I'm sure you'll have no problem overclocking the P4EE
    to 4GHz on air with all that extra heat, I mean cache--
    unless the board offers a suitable asynchronous option...
    Check this:
    Fishface, Nov 3, 2003
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