any integrated mobo's (onboard video) that allow dual onboard and AGP operation ?

Discussion in 'Abit' started by ERIC SHAIK, Feb 2, 2005.


    ERIC SHAIK Guest

    ~It's a nice day ! .... but if it's not, then make it that way ! ~
    ERIC SHAIK, Feb 2, 2005
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  2. Gregory Toomey, Feb 2, 2005
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    Geoff Guest

    ERIC SHAIK wrote:


    sorry, couldn't resist :)
    onboard video uses the AGP slot (in effect) plugging in an AGP card
    overrides and disables the onboard, the only way you could get around this
    is to use a PCI video card, then you could have dual monitor no problem, as
    long as the pci card is half good
    Geoff, Feb 2, 2005

    ERIC SHAIK Guest

    that blows .. pci cant begin to compare to agp .. what a crappy design of
    a mobo dees turds did.. how much harder would it have been to design the
    video card to co-exist with an occupier on the agp slot ?

    more time in design, more money in componentns ?
    ERIC SHAIK, Feb 3, 2005

    ERIC SHAIK Guest

    i saw those matrox dualies .. they are cheap $$ so i wonder if they are
    actually any good performance wise ... i guess i could try a pci card for
    the 2nd monitor since it wouldnt need much speed .. but it may slow down the
    whole system ... they have a max bus speed which prolly isnt as fast as the
    agp b.speed.

    which linux do you run ? the bdi ? is it working good and solid .. much
    better than xp ?
    limited applications to .execute though huh ?
    ERIC SHAIK, Feb 3, 2005
  6. WTF are you talking about Eric? Given that we're talking about integrated
    graphics solutions with very limited performance, none of these is actually
    fast enough to utilise the extra theoretical bandwidth offered by AGP over

    If you want a dual display solution for 2D, a PCI card will do you just
    fine. If you don't like that idea, Matrox do a slew of AGP DualHead cards,
    as, now do other manufacturers.
    Lol, please tell us you don't talk like this for real?
    Impossible, as AGP is a point to point protocol and thus only permits one
    card. The only way to make an onboard graphics solution that would work hand
    in hand with an add-in AGP card would have been to put the onboard chip on
    the PCI bus, which would be "less good" for 99.9% of the people integrated
    motherboards are aimed at. Unfortunately, motherboard manufacturers don't
    design their products with Eric Shaik in mind.
    Yeah, and all this in a context where you're talking about the cheaper end
    of the motherboard market.

    What you're asking for was just impossible in the AGP era. With PCIe it's
    do-able, in theory, but it remains to be seen whether it actually happens.

    Richard Hopkins
    Cardiff, Wales, United Kingdom
    (replace nospam with pipex in reply address)

    The UK's leading technology reseller
    Richard Hopkins, Feb 3, 2005
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