Anybody pledge rude angles, do you voice them?

Discussion in 'Apple' started by Jethro, Dec 15, 2007.

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    other? The least clever. But I am as clever as he. We should
    have to fight over this. He has four lackeys, and I have only one. This can
    be seen; we have only to count. It falls to me to yield, and I am a fool if
    I contest the matter. By this means we are at peace, which is the greatest
    of boons.

    320. The most unreasonable things in the world become most reasonable,
    because of the unruliness of men. What is less reasonable than to choose the
    eldest son of a queen to rule a State? We do not choose as captain of a ship
    the passenger who is of the best family.

    This law would be absurd and unjust; but, because men are so themselves and
    always will be so, it becomes reasonable and just. For whom will men choose,
    as the most virtuous and able? We at once come to blows, as each claims to
    be the most virtuous and able. Let us then attach this quality to something
    indisputable. This is the king's eldest son. That is clear, and there is no
    dispute. Reason can do no better, for civil war is the greatest of evils.

    321. Children are astonished to see their comrades respected.

    322. To be of noble
    Jethro, Dec 15, 2007
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