Anyone else get corrupted files from US Asus site?

Discussion in 'Asus' started by Randy O., Aug 1, 2003.

  1. Randy O.

    Randy O. Guest

    I was concerned with what bios version recent purchasers of the P4P800
    Deluxe are getting, and I was concerned with other bios matters. Paul (a
    frequent constructive helping poster here) suggested I download the manual
    for the MB to see about the advanced bios recovery process Asus added. I
    use a regular external USRobotics 56k modem. Every time I downloaded the
    PDF file manual, it was corrupted; thus, it was unreadable. I sent Asus in
    Taiwan an email complaining on its server in the US. Either I'm unable to
    download (too slow at server end)or the downloads are corrupted. I sure
    would hate to download a bios from the US site if a simple PDF (150 pgs) is
    always corrupted. I tried the China and Europe sites, but I could not get
    to them; the connections even at the US site are very slow. I've download
    lots of software etc . from Europe with no problem. Has anyone else got
    corrupted files from the US Asus site?

    I notice many folks post to this newsgroup with fake email addresses; my
    damn server prevents me from posting to newsgroups or emailing with a
    disguised address. If I add something like (no spam - blah-blah); it will
    not get be allowed to get past my server. I get viruses sent to me almost
    daily, and I get tons of spam. I would like to know what server some of you
    are using where you can disguise your address; so, I can sign up with one
    of them. Mine is CoreCom in the Midwest USA with the old 'execpc' domain.
    Any common server like Earthlink let a person get away with a disguised
    email address? Send me an email if you know a server which serves in the
    Midwest where email can be disguised -- Please!

    Sincerely - Randy in WI
    Randy O., Aug 1, 2003
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  2. Randy O.

    Frank Guest

    I am able to get the pdf files from Asus US. Check the following:

    Get Adobe Acrobat Reader version 6
    You will most likely need "traditional chinese" character set to view.
    Leadtek's (my tv tuner) site gave me problems like that running Reader 5,
    once I got version 6 up and running, the Traditional Chinese character set
    was able to download.

    Hope this helps.
    Frank, Aug 1, 2003
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  3. Randy O.

    Paul Guest

    Are you referring to this document ?

    The only problem I have with this doc, is a complaint on page 72, of a
    font with a bad bounding box.

    The download speed from the USA server is pretty bad. Only 12KB/sec
    on my ADSL link, and I am in Canada. The Taiwan server is actually
    faster for me (70KB/sec right now). Try the following link, as you can
    use a separate FTP client if you like. Get a checksum program, and then
    compare the checksum for the first file you downloaded, with the
    checksum of this file when you try it:

    The SysV checksum for both files is 25503 for 10378 blocks. There are
    5,313,192 bytes in each file. If using a checksum program that uses the
    BSD method, the checksum is 17845 for 5189 blocks (blocksize definition
    differs by a factor of 2 in the two methods).

    I've found two kinds of file corruption on the Asus website. The China
    server was truncating (cutting the end off) of files transferred from
    it. The second kind of corruption was a "repeated block" problem, where
    the same block of data inside the file was repeated, wiping out the
    data that was supposed to be there. This corruption is harder to detect,
    as the count of bytes in the file was correct, and if a zipped file was
    downloaded like this, a ZIP decompressor can detect the corruption. But,
    for the PDF files, repeated block corruption shows up as any number of
    error types ("internal error - cannot continue" etc).

    As for your news reader problems, some news clients check that the
    domain is valid, so try to change your claimed email address from
    to . On the server side, any number
    of methods can be used to track the user, for the purposes of
    identifying abuse (spamming). Once your email address has been
    "harvested", the spam keeps on coming. Your email address is now part
    of some CDROM with 100 million other email addresses.

    Paul, Aug 1, 2003
  4. Randy O.

    Randy O. Guest

    I thank Frank and Paul for their constructive advice and information. I
    tried 4 more times to download the PDF file, and on the 4th attempt with
    Acrobat 5(the prog. that makes PDF files) and Acrobat Reader 6 having "open
    in browser turned off" I successfully downloaded the document. I tried
    Taiwan and Europe again, but I could not get a stable server connection that
    had a semi-practical speed. Thank you again Paul for the extra valuable
    info. you always seem to add. I think Paul may be some kind of IT genius;
    he certainly has lots of computer / internet technology knowledge
    Sincerely -- Randy O. of WI
    Randy O., Aug 2, 2003
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