Anyone installed a 7200.9 Seagate ATA HDD in an early G4?

Discussion in 'Apple' started by Confusion & Distress, May 9, 2006.

  1. I'm thinking of getting an ATA Seagate 7200.9 (or 7200.10, since they
    seem to be coming out now, or soon) hard disk to put in my Sawtooth
    (AGP Graphics) G4 (with 1.4 Ghz processor upgrade).

    I am aware of the problems associated with having an SATA 7200.9 in a
    Mac (of almost any generation, it would seem), but I'm wondering to
    what degree these problems also affect those who have the ATA 7200.9.

    I have heard from one person who is successfully using an ATA 7200.9
    120 GB drive in a Sawtooth G4. I am thinking of getting a 250 or 300GB
    drive and using the InTech Hi-Cap driver to go beyond the 128 GB limit
    on these older G4s. Might the power requirements of these larger drives
    cause problems in a Sawtooth?

    I'd appreciate responses from anyone who has experience, positive or
    negative, with a 7200.9 drive in an older G4, as well as from those who
    have success or horror stories regarding the use of the InTech driver.

    Confusion & Distress, May 9, 2006
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  2. Confusion & Distress

    Telamon Guest

    I can tell you about Seagate drives. They are the only brand of drive to
    fail me. The last one that failed was a soft failure where a few drive
    sectors went bad. Normally you reformat the drive so the bum sectors can
    be mapped out but I could not get the Mac disk utility to do it for some
    reason so I gave it to a PC friend. I think that one is still working
    for him.

    I would not buy Seagate drives. I've used Quantum, IBM and now Western
    digital drives with no problems.
    Telamon, May 9, 2006
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  3. Oddly, the only brand I've ever had fail on me is Maxtor.

    (Just bought two more of them, however. There's no reason not to, as
    the number of failures I've had is not really big enough to draw any
    conclusions from.)
    Jerry Kindall, May 9, 2006
  4. I installed exactly that drive in a QS Dual G4 800 about two months ago
    and it's working flawlessly under OS 9, 10.3 and 10.4

    However I stayed away from the Intech solution to the 120 GB limit - it
    just sounds like asking for trouble.
    Martin Sammtleben, May 9, 2006
  5. Confusion & Distress

    Telamon Guest

    I agree that rationally my sample size is to small to come to such a
    conclusion but still over several decades a number of computers with
    several drives apiece it has to be more then coincidence that the
    Seagate's (3) have failed every time so I will no longer use them. Two
    failed completely and one had a soft fail. Zero failures with any other
    brands I mentioned. The other brands were only replaced for reasons of
    needed increased capacity after many years use. I've never had a Maxtor
    Telamon, May 9, 2006
  6. Confusion & Distress

    Harri Mellin Guest

    i remember the IBM Deskstar (aka Deatstar) that died like flies
    Harri Mellin, May 9, 2006
  7. Back in the days when 40 MB was a big disk, Seagates were the worst and
    Conner was the brand to have. I worked at a big Apple II mail-order
    place (Quality Computers) then and we had enough failures to draw
    conclusions from. Actually, I suppose Seagate wasn't really THAT bad
    historically, it's just that Conner (and Quantum) leaped ahead of them
    by using voice coils, like in a speaker, to move the head, rather than
    a stepper motor, and this turned out to be a lot more reliable. Until
    Conner, we just expected a lot of failures. Now all drives use voice
    coils, of course. Still, our techs called them "Sleazegate" and we
    sure did RMA a lot of them. Frankly, I'm surprised that the company is
    still around. If you'd asked me fifteen years ago, I would have said
    Seagate was headed for bankruptcy, they were being beaten so soundly by
    othes in product quality and leading-edge technology. Now they're the
    first to market with a 750 GB perpendicular drive, and now Seagate IS

    Conner -> acquired by Quantum
    Quantum -> acquired by Maxtor
    Maxtor -> acquired by Seagate
    Jerry Kindall, May 9, 2006
  8. Thanks, aRKay, for confirming that this series of drive will actually
    function properly when installed in an early G4. I picked a 250 GB
    7200.9 a couple of days ago before the sale that was on (US$80) ended .
    I haven't installed it yet, as I'm still reading up on potential issues
    involving the Intech Hi-Cap driver (which, when installed, will allow
    me to use the entire available disk space, and not just the 128 GB).

    I'll post an update after I've installed the disk and driver so that
    other interested parties may benefit from my own experience with this
    combination of G4 and hard disk.
    Confusion & Distress, May 12, 2006
  9. Have you tried making the initial partition smaller, for example 120GB?
    Neill Massello, May 18, 2006
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