Anyone running the K8QW with full four CPU's and 16 DIMMs?

Discussion in 'Tyan' started by Nag Champa, Feb 25, 2007.

  1. Nag Champa

    Nag Champa Guest

    I'm looking to build a high end server / workstation and am
    considering the Tyan K8QW board.

    Does anyone have this board running with all 4 CPU's installed? And /
    or all 16 DIMM banks populated? If so, what is your experience?

    I can't find anyone so far elsewhere on the net who has this board
    running with all CPU and DIMM slots populated.

    I'm also wondering if it supports SLI. I can't find anything on to indicate that it does, as one of the PCI-e slots appears
    to be 4x while the other is 16x.

    The other thing that worries me about this board is that it wants
    PC3200 registered DDR400 DIMMs, and these are VERY hard to find
    available for sale. The average price for a 2 gig DIMM of this type is
    around $300 - $400, but I spent about an hour so far on various search
    sites and every vendor I find shows "Out of stock" ... and 4 gig DIMMs
    of this type are even more rare, with the price increasing per DIMM by
    around 6 times... average price for a 4 gig PC3200 DDR400 registered
    DIMM is $2,000. (You would have to use 4 gig DIMMs if you wanted to
    achieve the board's advertised 64 gig capability.)
    Nag Champa, Feb 25, 2007
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  2. Nag Champa

    Paul Guest

    There is at least one pre-sales telephone number on this page.

    Have you looked at the brochure ? It almost suggests the best
    way to do it, is 32 sticks of 2GB each. And the expansion
    motherboard. And the two riser PCBs, that connect the two motherboards
    together. Plus the eight processors. Maybe a 1KW power supply.
    A nice cheap project.

    Limit 10 per customer. $270 a piece. 32 would be $8640.

    Talk to the people on this forum. Even if their personal machines
    don't have 64GB, they may have built them at work. You have to
    register, to use their forum search engine.

    You could try, to find some suppliers. This
    is the results of a search for the 2GB registered PC3200 sticks.

    You can check retailers here, by entering the name of the
    company where it says "Enter store name".

    Maybe Tyan Pre-Sales can suggest someone to build it
    for you.

    Have fun,
    Paul, Feb 26, 2007
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  3. Nag Champa

    BC Guest

    Dear Nag,

    that is indeed very high end. An equivalent Dell server runs about $20,000.
    That is such high end gear that most likely it's in a production
    environment--pretty rich for a workstation.
    It looks like it does support SLI:

    Here is the manual:

    Search of manual for SLI: not found.

    Tyan website does *not* list this model as supporting SLI:

    Here is a 4 Opteron core Sun Machine:

    About the same $20K price range out the door....if you have the need for
    that much computing power and the budget for it, may I suggest that you
    shouldn't be Googling for the memory....there is a salesperson out there
    who would love to help, either a Sun reseller or, that way you get some support, and a warranty....if such an
    expensive machine is justifiable, downtime can get expensive fast.

    Whomever makes the software you run that needs all that horsepower can
    most likely recommend a good reseller/dealer/manufacturer to provide you
    with a reliable integrated system.


    BC, Feb 27, 2007
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