Anyone still here? :)

Discussion in 'Gateway' started by chicagofan, Dec 30, 2011.

  1. chicagofan

    chicagofan Guest

    Just want to plead with anyone who might see any great sales on Gateway
    computers anywhere ... in the next few weeks... please post the location
    here. :)

    I've been checking the usual places and haven't seen any real reductions
    yet. Most web sites I've checked from the Gateway list of dealers are
    out of stock too often as well.

    chicagofan, Dec 30, 2011
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  2. chicagofan

    BillW50 Guest

    Yes I am still here. No I haven't heard anything on any great sales on
    Gateway computers. And I am a bit depressed, as I heard a rumor that
    Gateway no longer sells business class computers. :-(
    BillW50, Dec 30, 2011
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  3. chicagofan

    chicagofan Guest

    Hi Bill! Glad to see a familiar name still here! :)

    I hadn't heard about the business class, but it seems to me their
    dealers' inventory on all models is slim, and it made me wonder if they
    are going to stop selling them completely. They never advertise them,
    nor do the dealers that sell them. You have to ask to see ALL
    manufacturers to get to see them on web sites. They are treated like
    "step-children" or second rate goods, when they are superior to the
    majority of pcs on the market... IMO. :(

    I've been looking at the NV series Intel i5 or AMD quad 4 comparable
    .... and the one's I've found have been white. I don't want "white".
    ;) If it was cheap enough I might buy one though. :)

    Happy Holidays... and thanks for the response! :)
    chicagofan, Dec 31, 2011
  4. chicagofan

    Ken Whiton Guest

    *-* On Fri, 30 Dec 2011, at 20:37:50 -0500,
    *-* In Article <jdlp1f$at4$>,
    *-* chicagofan wrote
    *-* About Re: Anyone still here? :)
    Staples carries a couple of Gateway models:

    # Intel® Pentium® Dual-Core Processor E6700 (3.2GHz)
    # 4GB installed memory
    Memory Expandable to 8GB
    # 1TB hard drive

    # Intel® Core™ i5-2300 processor (2.8GHz)
    # 6GB installed memory
    Memory Expandable to 16GB
    # 1TB hard drive

    Occasionally one or the other will be listed in their Weekly Ad


    although neither one is in there this week.
    Happy Holidays to you, too.

    Ken Whiton
    Ken Whiton, Dec 31, 2011
  5. chicagofan

    chicagofan Guest

    Great machines!
    I'm so sorry... I've just noticed that I didn't specify LAPTOPS! My 3rd
    good old Gateway desktop is still running fine. I do appreciate the
    information though. I looked at Staples this a.m. and checked out the
    Acers they had, but they had no Gateway laptops. I haven't given up yet
    on finding one somewhere. :)

    I'm sold on the Gateway nameplate [even though I know ownership &
    everything has changed], because I never had to repair one of my Gateway
    desktops over the years, except when lightning fried one. :) I'm
    hoping they are still manufactured in the same place.

    Thanks so much for the links Ken, and Happy Holidays... again!
    chicagofan, Dec 31, 2011
  6. chicagofan

    Ken Whiton Guest

    *-* On Sat, 31 Dec 2011, at 12:48:52 -0500,
    *-* In Article <jdnhu6$fef$>,
    *-* chicagofan wrote
    *-* About Re: Anyone still here? :)
    Amazon has several models, ... in various shades of black. :-D


    there are links to three other models at the top of that page.
    You're welcome, ... and ditto. ;-)

    Ken Whiton
    Ken Whiton, Jan 1, 2012
  7. chicagofan

    BillW50 Guest

    Yes I know what you mean. As I have three Asus, two Toshiba, five
    Alienware, and nine Gateway laptops. And guess which ones I like to use
    the most? Hint: I own more of them than any other brand. ;-)
    BillW50, Jan 1, 2012
  8. chicagofan

    chicagofan Guest

    LOL... just what I expected, Bill! My first and only laptop is a
    Gateway AMD l.58 GHZ, 2006 vintage and still working just fine. I'd
    like a faster processor, and since my daughter is in need of a laptop, I
    thought I'd look at the new ones and trade up. :)

    Thanks Ken for the Amazon link... I've been keeping my eye on what they
    have available. Sure appreciate you guys' responses. :)
    chicagofan, Jan 4, 2012
  9. chicagofan

    BillW50 Guest

    I was just looking at Consumer Reports Buying Guide 2012 and in the 15
    to 16 inch laptop category, the Gateway NV59C70u was CR's best buy and
    reasonably priced at $580. It was also ranked as one of the lightest at
    5.2 lbs. So what size were you looking for?

    And I really like the 2006-2007 laptop era. Things really changed a lot
    back then and I feel a lot of them from this era are going to be around
    for a long time yet. ;-)
    BillW50, Jan 4, 2012
  10. chicagofan

    Frank Guest

    I tend to shop CompUSA and they have them:;Mfr_3233

    Shipping free above $150.

    I tend to watch their fliers and last bought a Toshiba lap top at
    their store. Laptop price was below any source on line.

    I bought my current Gateway there over 4 years ago before they went
    through bankrupcy but they still replaced my keyboard which was on
    extended warranty.
    Frank, Jan 5, 2012
  11. chicagofan

    chicagofan Guest

    Thanks, Frank! I'm not sure I checked them. :)

    I haven't seen them advertised for so long, I thought they might be out
    of business.
    chicagofan, Jan 8, 2012
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