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Anyone want an Accelero X1 for 6800/7800?

Discussion in 'Nvidia' started by Hellraiser, Mar 8, 2006.

  1. Hellraiser

    Hellraiser Guest

    Bought an Arctic Cooling Accelero X1 only to find on measuring it that it
    wouldn't fit in my case :( It is unused and was unpacked solely to check it
    would fit. Awesome video cooler, quiet yet immensely chilly :) Looking for
    20 English pounds including delivery within the UK. Let me know if
    interested, and beware the spam trap :)

    Hellraiser, Mar 8, 2006
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  2. Hellraiser

    DRS Guest

    I was interested in the Accelero X1 until I found out it exhausts to the
    front rather than the rear. Not good for NForce4 chipsets in general and
    passive chipset cooling systems in particular.
    DRS, Mar 8, 2006
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  3. Hellraiser

    Hellraiser Guest

    Provided you have decent airflow in your case it shouldn't be an issue -
    I've always thought having an additional vent on the rear of the case at a
    low point would cause issues with the airflow anyways, surely it's best for
    air to be drawn in through one point low down and cover a specific route to
    an exit at the highest point in the case?

    Hellraiser, Mar 8, 2006
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