Aol Address Book Migration Mac 9x to Mac 10x

Discussion in 'Apple' started by parvardigar, Aug 9, 2006.

  1. parvardigar

    parvardigar Guest


    My boss recently bought a Macbook 10x. She insists on using Aol as her
    mail client. Eventually I want to wean her. She's spent a decade with
    Aol and those Aol frustrations. Now it's a habit.

    I called Aol tech support on how to export over from her old Mac 9x the
    Aol address book. I talked to three tech people. The first one said in
    the Mac 9x Aol mail to 'copy the address book into the message area
    of the email and email it over to the new Mac. The copy process only
    collected the names and did not copy the full address. This method did
    not work. If I could have selected all this would have worked. It only
    selects the Name.

    I called back. This fellow gave me instructions to delete the cabinet
    and address book on the new Mac 10x. I was to launch Aol. Instructed
    not to sign in. On the tool bar to open the address book and copy into
    it the address book and the cabinets from the old Mac. That didn't

    I called back the third time. This Aol tech said the only way to do
    this would be to copy from the old Mac 9x into the new 10x. I was
    instructed to open Harddrive, migrate down into Aol, and copy only the
    cabinets. He advised me that the 9x Address book cannot be imported,
    copied in, and so forth, into the Macbook 10x tiger.

    That ended my experience with Aol Tech. I had collected three diverse

    Is there a way other than manually typing out the several hundred
    addresses from the old Mac 9x Aol and getting those crucial addresses
    into the new Max 10x?

    That would get her back to normal.

    And hoping to wean her from Aol -is there a process to migrate the Aol
    address book from Aol into the email client that comes bundled
    with the OS? I'm thinking that she only uses Aol as email. That's
    it. It's just a habit. If I had those address migrated into a user
    friendly mail client she would gradually lose interest is Aol.

    I do know of utilitities that will convert Aol address for export into
    Microsoft office. That would be another option.

    Let me know if it's possible to migrate the Aol address book from Mac
    9x to 10x. Thanks for your attentions
    Chuck M
    parvardigar, Aug 9, 2006
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  2. Why not wean her right now? Tell her that AOL hasn't provided a
    migration path for AOL 9 to AOL 10. She can use AOL 10 without her old
    contacts or move to Apple's Mail. Her call (after she stops screaming).

    Or you can tell her that you'll have to write a Perl program to do the
    port. Shouldn't take you more than a couple weeks.
    Michael Vilain, Aug 9, 2006
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  3. parvardigar

    parvardigar Guest


    For those who want to know this site:

    Do a search find for aol. It's down the bottom of the long list.

    This Aol conversion tool says only works on Aol 3 and nothing lower. I
    ran it on the Mac 9x Aol 5 and in a flash it generates a complete text
    file of the address book into the HD Aol folder. I copied it over to
    the new machine.

    Chuck M
    parvardigar, Aug 9, 2006
  4. Chuck-

    I have had little trouble migrating AOL. Perhaps there is a
    copy-and-paste method that would work, but I have always just used the
    migration routine built into the AOL program.

    When you first run the program after installation, there is an option to
    transfer preferences from an older installation. The OS 9 version must be
    installed on a hard drive accessible from the OS X machine. You could use
    SCSI Disk Mode, FireWire Disk Mode, provide network access or simply
    drag-copy the OS 9 HD onto the OS X machine's HD!

    The only problem I've had was when telephone numbers didn't transfer into
    the OS X version, and had to be re-installed for dial-up access.
    Everything else copied over OK including addresses, saved eMail and Buddy

    Fred McKenzie, Aug 9, 2006
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