AOpen mobo hangs playing DivX

Discussion in 'AOpen' started by JERONI.PAUL, Apr 14, 2006.



    I have an AOpen motherboard model AX34, chipset VIA 694X that after a
    random time playing DivX content hangs completely, even the mouse
    cursor stops. I followed a note at DiVX site suggesting to install the
    VIA 4 in 1 patch, even tried various versions without any improvement.
    Also tried the VIA latency patch. The computer is a Pentium III at 1
    GHz, 128 Mb of RAM PC133 and an NVidia AGP video card. I've discarded
    the video card trying other cards, even PCI cards, with the same

    I use the 5.2.1 codec with Win98 SE, tried some stress programs to
    check the board, memory and processor and they are fine, it's just the
    DivX codec that hangs. Even playing a plain MPEG file works fine. I've
    installed the FFDShow codecs, and using them to play DivX fixes the
    problem, but I've got some files that don't play too well with these
    codecs. Also tried Windows media classic and Zoom player with the same

    ¿Any idea what to try next?

    This problem seems to happen more frequently when playing higher
    bitrate files, but all of them hang sooner or later.

    Thank you for your attention
    JERONI.PAUL, Apr 14, 2006
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