AOpen MX3S DOS audio drivers?

Discussion in 'AOpen' started by smike, Jan 18, 2008.

  1. smike

    smike Guest

    Hello, does anyone know how to get the MX3S integrated SoundMAX audio to
    work under MS-DOS?

    smike, Jan 18, 2008
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  2. smike

    smike Guest

    OK, after some googling I've found that the sound hardware on this board is
    the Analog Devices AD1885

    Do DOS drivers exist for this device?
    smike, Jan 18, 2008
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  3. smike

    Anssi Saari Guest

    Well, you know, mostly it was the DOS applications themselves that
    would support sound hardware or not, usually old Soundblasters and

    Whatever it is you actually want to do, maybe you can run your
    software in an emulator, like DosBox?
    Anssi Saari, Jan 18, 2008
  4. smike

    smike Guest

    DosBox is nice, but it runs too slowly on this machine. I really need pure
    DOS for best results
    smike, Jan 18, 2008
  5. smike

    Anssi Saari Guest

    Come to think of it, I had something like this once upon a time, i.e.
    AC'97 in DOS. The driver was from VIA and actually emulated a
    soundblaster. Which means it uses CPU power too and it wasn't very
    good. I had VIA hardware back then, too.

    I don't know if the VIA stuff is usable with other AC'97 chips like
    your AD1885, but I guess it's worth a try. Google gives for example an
    old thread at
    which might help.

    Other than that, maybe you can pick up an old Pentium or 486 system
    Anssi Saari, Jan 19, 2008
  6. smike

    smike Guest

    I found this driver for the VIA chipset:

    Unfortunately it doesn't work with the Intel board. From the comments it
    seems lots of other people have had the same problem
    Don't have the space to have old dinosaurs like that lying around. This
    AOpen system is half-height micro-ATX, so it's extremely small and
    smike, Jan 19, 2008
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