APC UPS problems and questions (might need to buy a new one)...

Discussion in 'IBM' started by ANTant, Sep 21, 2005.

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    Hello. I hope these are suitable newsgroups to ask about UPS'. I e-mailed APC.com yesterday
    morning, but still have not received a reply yet. :(

    I don't know what is going on with my old APC Back-UPS 650VA (owned it since 2/2001), but it has
    happened three times so far within about two weeks when I am asleep. So far, I did not have any
    power outages (no evidences of them) and did not hear the high pitch sound from UPS to tell me
    it is running on its battery. I know it is not a power outage because of all the devices not on
    UPS were still on (no blinking times on clocks, VCRs, etc.).

    The two shutdowns I had were noticeable because my computers were off/rebooted (depending on
    computers' BIOS to automatically turn on when power is back) after I woke up. Checking the logs,
    both OS reported crashes. It seems like the UPS was down for over an hour or so. I had another
    one this yesterday morning. That time I didn't have my Linux box connected to UPS so it survived
    (connected to a normal power outlet). My other box didn't since it was connected to the UPS. It
    appears the UPS outage was short too (30 minutes).

    I am not sure if its battery is dying or not. Or if it is the source of my problem. I didn't see
    any lights on my UPS. Or maybe it is old and I need a new one. I have been using it daily
    (rarely turned off). I also stimulated a power outage by pulling the power cord to see if UPS
    still works. It does. I heard the high pitch sounds.

    I had not changed anything in terms of power consumption recently. I don't think that is related
    because I removed the minitower computer.

    I think I will be needing a new one, but I need to research for the best model since UPS' have
    changed over the four years. Is APC still the best brand today? If so, then which models should
    I get? I don't do mail order so I will be shopping at local stores like Costco, CompUSA, Best
    Buy, Fry's Electronics, etc. I looked at Best Buy's Web site and there were MANY. I used APC's
    UPS finder, but they ended up expensive like 400 bucks! I plan to hook up two computers (tower
    with its 400 watts PSU + mini-tower with 340 watts) and a 17" CRT monitor to it like before
    (never had problems for years -- view http://alpha.zimage.com/~ant/antfarm/about/computers.txt
    for the full details between my two machines). I would also like to connect the UPS' information
    to my Linux/Debian (Kernel v2.6.12 and whatever is the latest from apt-get) box via USB/serial
    connection. Hopefully, it is Linux friendly. Basically, I can shutdown -h now successfully if
    needed. I would like to have 15 minutes of battery power if everything is on during a power

    I am not sure how informative this would be about power here. Most of the power outages in my
    home are long (hours). Once in a while, there are power hiccups (1 second). I live in Southern
    CA, east of Los Angeles (S.C. Edison) to give you ideas on the power situation.

    Thank you in advance. :)
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    ANTant, Sep 21, 2005
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