APC's Online UPS recommendation?

Discussion in 'IBM' started by Bobba, Jun 24, 2005.

  1. Bobba

    Bobba Guest

    Hello, thanks for reading this message.

    I'm writing from Latin America. I have read the UPS faq published at
    http://www.jetcafe.org/~npc/doc/ups-faq.html but found no answer to my
    question there, so I though I could ask for some help in this
    newsgroup. I need to buy a online UPS and I have had little success
    looking for one in local stores, which only sell "line interactive"
    UPSs. Because of that I have decided to buy an UPS from APC. I have
    visited APC's web site and examinated the recommendations made by its
    UPS configuration engine
    (http://www.apcc.com/tools/ups_selector/index.cfm) but the
    configuration engine is not very configurable and I could not find out
    whether their most accessible models were "lineinteractive" or "online"

    My questions would be the following:

    given my computer's configuration;

    1. What amount of VA would you recommend for a UPS to use with this
    computer and the computer I would probably buy 4 years from now to
    replace the current one?

    2. Which line of APC's online UPSs is less expensive?

    Our local power supply "off the wall" is of 220 volts and my computer's
    configuration is the following:

    case: 400 watts Midi Tower
    monitor: samsung syncmaster 550s
    Motherboard: Asus p4800-mx with integrated audio, video, sound and
    Processor: Intel Celeron D 2.4 Ghz
    Ram: 2 GB in four pc3200 512Mb sticks
    Hard Disk: 80GB sata
    Optical device: LG double layer DVD burner
    External hard disk: 80GB ata encased in an external usb enclosure

    This computer is new and I have had already a fried motherboard. I plan
    to buy a new computer 4 years from now with a similar configuration but
    actualized to future standards. That future computer would also feature
    the following changes:

    monitor:LCD display
    Ram: from 8 to 16MB
    Processor: pentium

    One more time, thanks for reading.

    Best Regards

    Bobba, Jun 24, 2005
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  2. Bobba

    Steve Urbach Guest

    APC suggests that UPS batteries be replaced after 3 years or sooner if
    frequent full discharges.
    There is Full on-line (the inverter always drives the load),
    Buck/Boost AVR, Boost AVR, and Standby

    Boost compensates for Brown outs. Buck reduces overly high voltage.
    The buck/boost AVR model like the RS series is a good $$ saving -
    performance compromise when full time on-line conversion is not

    To big is always better than too small (VA rating) :) .
    To some extent, unused excess VA capacity allows for longer run-time.

    , _
    , | \ MKA: Steve Urbach
    , | )erek No JUNK in my email please
    , ____|_/ragonsclaw
    , / / / Running United Devices "Cure For Cancer" Project 24/7 Have you helped? http://www.grid.org
    Steve Urbach, Jun 24, 2005
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  3. Steve, well said! Do replace the batteries on time, there are failure
    modes which are very hard on equipment.

    One additional thought, don't UPS anything you don't need, do UPS your
    network hardware (routers, etc). I know two people who forgot that. If
    you must UPS displays, don't forget to allow for their needs. If you
    have servers which can be controlled over the net without a display,
    don't UPS their display.

    And of course run UPS monitoring to get a clean shutdown!
    Bill Davidsen, Jun 24, 2005
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