Apple Airport express, airtunes, and an existing wireless network Netgear WGR614,

Discussion in 'Apple' started by ctakim, Aug 7, 2004.

  1. ctakim

    ctakim Guest

    OK, so I've got a new Apple Airport Express hooked up to my stereo in
    my living room, separate from but in easy range of my home wireless
    802.11g network running on a Netgear WGR614 wireless router. The main
    computer with all my iTunes songes is on the network and is directly
    connected to the wireless router via an ethernet cable. It is running
    Windows XP Home Edition. My goal is to stream music over the existing
    network to the Airport Express and to my stereo system and not to have
    to set up a new wireless system.

    Problem, the main computer on the network does not see the Airport
    Express while running Airport Express Assistant.


    ctakim, Aug 7, 2004
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  2. Have you checked for updates? Make sure you have the latest airport utility.
    Small Tree Communications, Aug 8, 2004
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  3. ctakim

    Placebo Guest

    One thing to note is that the AE is initially set up to create its own
    wireless network. It will not automatically glom on to your existing

    You said you're running AirPort Express Assistant, so I assume your main
    computer has wireless capability. If that's the case, I'm not sure why
    it isn't seeing the AE. You could try manually joining its wireless
    network first and then running AE Assistant. Or you could try
    temporarily connecting the AE to the wired network and see if your
    computer can find it over the wired network.

    If your computer doesn't have a wireless connection, that's the reason
    the software can't see the AE, although, if this were the case, I would
    have expected AE Assistant to give you an error message. You could try
    using a different computer, with wireless capability, to configure the
    AE, or again, you could try connecting the AE to the wired network
    temporarily to configure it.
    Placebo, Aug 9, 2004
  4. ctakim

    Steve Guest

    Initially, it's easier to set up if you connect the AE to the wired
    network. In my case I had to temporarily tweek my existing wireless
    network in order for the AE to be able to join it. I had SSID
    Broadcast turned off on my existing network. This needed to be turned
    on to get the AE to join the network. Once it was joined, the WEP
    settings configured, etc. I then went back shut off the SSID broadcast
    again on my existing wireless access point.

    Good luck!
    Steve, Aug 9, 2004
  5. Like the OP, I have a computer that's wired to a router. Is that enough
    "wireless capability"? The AE Assistent doesn't see my AE.

    Victor Eijkhout, Aug 9, 2004
  6. ctakim

    ctakim Guest

    Thanks for the advice. I did check but I have the latest software for
    the Airport Assistant judging by the info on the apple website. But
    when I try to look for the network on my desktop, I still don't see
    the wireless network or the AE. I checked the apple support site and
    tried downloading and installing the Windows Wireless Zero
    Configuration, but still nothing. However, I did make some progress by
    getting my Dell D600 Latitude laptop running Windows XP Professional
    which recognizes my network with no problem. It was able to connect to
    the AE over the pre-existing wireless network and I can now stream
    iTunes songs from the laptop to my home stereo (very cool!). But all
    is not hunky dory. The big hard drive and the bulk of my music
    collection is on the desktop, and I still can't stream from that
    computer to the AE. I think that the problem is that the set up for
    wireless communication is not on the desktop (Dell Dimension 8250).
    But I don't wan't to go wireless from the desktop directly to the
    wireless network and the AE, I want to go over the ethernet hardwire
    to the router, then over the wireless network to the AE. Is this

    TIA, once again,
    ctakim, Aug 10, 2004
  7. ctakim

    Placebo Guest

    Yes, it should be possible. Apple actually answers your question in its
    AirPort Express FAQ.


    Make sure your desktop system and the AE are on the same subnet. You
    should be able to get the IP address of the AE from the DHCP client list
    of your router or by running AirPort Admin Utility on your laptop.
    Placebo, Aug 10, 2004
  8. ctakim

    BigVern Guest

    It can probably be done with the WRG614, it can certainly be done with
    the DG834G (v2) .

    I run a Netgear DG834G as my main DSL modem/switch/wireless point and
    can play music from my ethernet connected XP PC via airtunes no

    1 x XP Desktop connected via ethernet (this is my main ITunes
    1 x XP Laptop connects via Netgear WG511T card
    1 x NT4 laptop connects via ethernet
    1 x Macintosh connects via ethernet
    1 x Airport Express connects via wireless.

    First things first.

    You will need a wireless cabable device to set up your airport. I used
    my XP laptop with the netgear card.

    The first time I did it, I used my main PC after connecting the
    airport via ethernet, this allowed me to play music via ethernet but
    not wirelessly?!?

    You need to know the MAC address of your AirportExpress wireless
    You can get this by booting airport, running a scan with your wireless
    computer and attaching the the Apple network that you will see. Use
    the AirportAdmin Utility rather than the express set up.

    Summary tab - nothing to do here.

    Airport tab.
    Name your device (Garden, Kitchen etc) and change the password.
    Join an existing network and type in the name of your network (case
    sensitive). Click the security button and make sure it is off.

    Internet tab.
    Should now say connect via wireless and I have my IP DHCP assigned by
    the main router.

    Network tab. Should all be greyed out.
    Port mapping tab. Should all be greyed out.
    Access control tab. Should all be greyed out.
    Authentication tab. Should all be greyed out.
    WDS tab. Should all be greyed out.

    Music tab. Make sure the enable airtunes is checked.

    On your main wireless router turn off WEP and instead limit access via
    MAC address. Add in the wireless MAC address of your airport, which
    you can find on the physical device. Mine has xxxxC8 for the ethernet
    MAC and xxxxC9 for the wireless MAC

    Update the airport, it will reboot. Then you will see the speaker
    choice in your ITunes enabled PCs. I use my main workstation, but I
    share the play lists out to my laptop but play them through airtunes
    as the sound is better than my laptop's rubbish sound card.

    Hope this helps.

    BigVern, Aug 10, 2004
  9. ctakim

    Steve Guest

    If you can bring up the airport admin utility on the laptop that's
    able to stream to the AE, go to the "Configure" tool. Select the tab
    very far right labeled "Music". At the bottom of that screen is a
    checkbox "enable AirTune over Ethernet". That's what you need to do
    to stream from the desktop.

    Hope this helps....

    Steve, Aug 12, 2004
  10. ctakim

    ctakim Guest


    Thanks for the detailed reply. It is much appreciated. I did all that
    you suggested and I do see the AirPort as a network device on the
    Router Control menu, but when I try to run iTunes from the desktop, no
    luck. I can't see a popup menue on iTunes. However, on my laptop, it
    is there and works like a charm over the pre-existing wireless

    In addition, when I try and run the admin utility or Airport Express
    Assistent on the desktop, I get an error message stating that
    "...Windows is not allowed to manage wireless networks on this
    computer. This can be the result of having third party utility that
    manages networks" However, I've followed the faq from Apple and made
    sure that the Wireless Zero Configuration services is updated, set to
    Automatic and turned on. I'm running Windows XP Home Edition with all
    updates loaded from the Windows Update website.


    ctakim, Aug 15, 2004
  11. ctakim

    ctakim Guest

    Ay Carumba!

    Finally! Problem solved (for now!). If I configure the AE with my
    laptop to function purely in a client mode (I had to turn off the
    wireless network and reset the AE with a 10 second reset button push
    to get a good signal) then I set it up in a client mode to join my
    home network, and I enabled iTunes over the ethernet. Then when I hit
    update the AE goes into client mode and disappears from the laptop.
    But when I turn the home wireless network there it is with an IP
    assigned by the router. And the last step for the desktop was I just
    had to enable the search for airtunes speakers on the itunes Edit
    menu--Preferences--Audio, last check box. I can't believe I was hung
    up on that last step that kept my desktop machine from seeing the AE.

    Now I'm streaming tunes from the desktop or the laptop to the living
    room stereo. Now if I can just keep the signal strength strong enough
    to prevent drop outs....

    Thanks for the assistance to all involved.
    ctakim, Aug 16, 2004
  12. ctakim

    ctakim Guest

    One additional point, on the desktop, if I open Airport Admin Utilitiy
    (AAU) and not the Airport Express Assistant I don't get the error
    message described previously!

    ctakim, Aug 16, 2004
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