Apple details Lion upgrade process for business, education

Discussion in 'Apple' started by Michelle Steiner, Jun 18, 2011.

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    Apple handled a longstanding question of how Mac OS X Lion's download-only
    nature would translate to large-scale licenses for business and education
    on Friday with a document explaining the strategy.

    The company will give business users bulk licenses at the same $30 price
    with at least 20 users. Schools will have to pay for a $39 Apple Software
    Collection bundle in batches of 25 but will get both iLife and iWork in the

    Corporate buyers will also have an optional $50 per person maintenance
    contract to get extra support. The guide confirms suspicions that Lion
    Server is an upgrade option from the Mac App Store that has to be bought
    along with the core OS.

    The volume licensing will work much as it has with disc-based versions,
    just with a download-only file, Apple said. Just one redemption code will
    be handed out to business and educational customers, but they will get a
    Lion installer file they can then copy to other systems. It will still work
    through NetInstall or NetRestore when pushed out from a Mac running Lion

    Anyone who bought a Mac on or after the June 6 WWDC keynote, including
    individuals, qualifies for a Lion Up-to-Date program. The buyer has to
    claim the upgrade within 30 days of buying the Mac. It's not clear if this
    will include physical media or a Mac App Store redemption code.

    The challenge of getting the OS in mass deployment is relatively unique for
    Apple. Microsoft offers downloadable copies of Windows 7 but intends it
    primarily for individuals with netbooks or other optical-free notebooks
    rather than wide-scale installs. Apple is helped by having relatively
    little copy protection, which saves the activation and other registration
    issues that affect Windows users.
    Michelle Steiner, Jun 18, 2011
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