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Applied Computing 2010: 1st call extension until 25 June 2010

Discussion in 'Embedded' started by natty2006, Jun 15, 2010.

  1. natty2006

    natty2006 Guest

    Apologies for cross-postings. Please send to interested colleagues and

    -- CALL FOR PAPERS - Deadline for submissions (1st call extension): 25
    June 2010 --


    October 14 - 16, 2010 – TIMISOARA, ROMANIA

    * Conference background and goals
    The IADIS Applied Computing 2010 conference aims to address the main
    issues of concern within the applied computing area and related
    fields. This conference covers essentially technical aspects. The
    applied computing field is divided into more detailed areas (see
    below). However innovative contributes that don't fit into these areas
    will also be considered since they might be of benefit to conference

    * Format of the Conference
    The conference will comprise invited talks and oral presentations. The
    proceedings of the conference will be published in the form of a book.
    The best paper authors will be invited to publish extended versions of
    their papers in specific journals, and in the IADIS International
    Journal on Computer Science and Information Systems.

    * Types of submissions
    Full and Short Papers, Reflection Papers, Posters/Demonstrations,
    Tutorials, Panels and Doctoral Consortium. All submissions are subject
    to a blind refereeing process.

    * Topics related to Applied Computing are of interest. These include,
    but are not limited to the following areas:
    - Agent Systems and Applications
    - Algorithms
    - Applied Information Systems
    - Bioinformatics
    - Case Studies and Applications
    - Communications
    - Data Mining
    - Database Systems
    - E-Commerce Theory and Practice
    - Embedded Systems
    - Evaluation and Assessment
    - Global Tendencies
    - Grid Computing
    - Information Retrieval
    - Intelligent Systems
    - Mobile Networks and Systems
    - Multimedia
    - Networking
    - Object Orientation
    - Parallel and Distributed Systems
    - Payment Systems
    - Programming Languages
    - Protocols and Standards
    - Security
    - Semantic Web
    - Software Engineering
    - Storage Issues
    - Technologies for E-Learning
    - Wireless Applications
    - WWW Applications
    - WWW Technologies
    - Ubiquitous Computing
    - Usability Issues
    - Virtual Reality
    - Visualization
    - XML and other Extensible Languages

    * Important Dates:
    - Submission Deadline (1st call extension): 25 June 2010
    - Notification to Authors (1st call extension): 28 July 2010
    - Final Camera-Ready Submission and Early Registration (1st call
    extension): Until 6 September 2010
    - Late Registration (1st call extension): After 6 September 2010
    - Conference: Timisoara, Romania, 14 to 16 October 2010

    * Conference Location
    The conference will be held in Timisoara, Romania.

    * Secretariat
    Rua Sao Sebastiao da Pedreira, 100, 3, 1050-209 Lisbon, Portugal
    E-mail: Web site: http://www.computing-conf.org/

    * Program Committee

    Program Chair
    Hans Weghorn, BW Cooperative State University Stuttgart, Germany

    Conference Co-Chairs
    Pedro Isaías, Universidade Aberta (Portuguese Open University),
    Radu Vasiu, "Politehnica" University of Timisoara, Romania

    Committee Members:
    for the full Committee Members list please access

    * Co-located events
    Please also check the co-located events WWW/Internet 2010 (http://
    www.internet-conf.org/) - 14 - 17 October 2010 and CELDA 2010 (http://
    www.celda-conf.org/) - 15 - 17 October 2010.

    * Registered participants in the Applied Computing conference may
    attend the WWW/Internet and CELDA conferences’ sessions free of
    natty2006, Jun 15, 2010
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