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Are DELL laptops still reliable?

Discussion in 'Laptops' started by E. F., Mar 18, 2013.

  1. E. F.

    E. F. Guest

    Over the years my family members and I used different DELL laptops. Overall they proved to be pretty reliable (though obviously not without problems).

    With all the turmoil the company is apparently going through, is quality of their products started suffering?

    Is it no longer a good idea to buy DELL? Or is the answer (as usual) "depends"?

    Among established brand names would you say are still reliable (i.e. not likely to have hardware problems)?

    TIA, Eugene
    E. F., Mar 18, 2013
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  2. E. F.

    Dirk Weber Guest

    Op 18-03-13 18:22, E. F. schreef:
    Fujitsu (older ones Fujitsu-Siemens). I have bought several pcs of that
    brand second hand - desktops and laptops. But not just the consumer
    machines but the office pcs and laptops (Celsius, Lifebook E and S).
    They came back from lease, thus some 3 to 4 years old. Checked and with
    one year guarantee.

    With Linux it is no problem to get them working. Fujitsu has all the
    manuals and infos on their website, thus no problem from that side.

    In my opinion you get more for your money when buying second hand office
    systems from leasing than new consumer machines.

    My Laptop FSC Lifebook S6420 was 320 EUR now, whereas it was some 1500
    EUR only 3 to 4 years ago. And still very good for office use.

    Groetjes uit Arft,

    Dirk Weber, Mar 18, 2013
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  3. E. F.

    Bob_Villa Guest

    I have 4 notebooks (5 if you count the netbook). 3 are Dell and one is an Asus.
    The newest Dell (i3) is over a year old...the Asus is brand new.
    I know it's preference and prejudice but I wouldn't buy an HP or Compaq.
    Bob_Villa, Mar 19, 2013
  4. E. F.

    Bob_Villa Guest

    Here's a foreign tech's answer (found here: https://groups.google.com/forum/?hl=en&fromgroups=#!topic/alt.sys.pc-clone.dell/PWj_GcTfank)

    15R...Luckily I have only seen two of those. Can't remember if the hatch
    is there, but I do remember one model had the hatch and all it gave you
    access to was the memory. The hdd and the hd/cpu are buried. Not a user
    friendly system at all. If you're not familiar with removing a mobo you
    have to take it to someone to have upgrades done.

    For someone considering one of these, they are neat machines, but BUY
    WHAT YOU THINK YOU WILL NEED WHEN YOU ORDER IT! If you're not handy with
    a screwdriver, you're not going to be able to upgrade this by yourself!

    IIRC, on the bottom cover it says "Designed by Dell in China" or
    something like that. Stupid design!

    I love the new Latitudes. Very easy to upgrade or repair.

    Studios are cool, too, and most of them are upgradeable, but are a
    nightmare if you have to delve any further. They ran the freakin wires
    for the WiFi under a daughter card, and a lot of the connections are on
    the bottom of the MoBo, so you have to remove it to replace anything.

    I REALLY want to hand my field kit to one of these engineers and say,
    "Here, YOU fix it!" They'll never design a unit like that again! ;)

    I spent FIVE HOURS repairng a 1458 (Studio 14") one day. The usual Dell
    takes 45-90 minutes. Ugh.
    Bob_Villa, Mar 19, 2013
  5. E. F.

    Top Guest

    E. F. used his keyboard to write :
    I have a Studio 1737 that I've had for
    somewhere over 3 years and it's still as good as
    new with no problems along the way that were self
    inflicked. If I were to buy a new laptop today
    the first place I would look would be Dell. It
    might not buy one but there is where I would
    start my search.

    Top, Mar 19, 2013
  6. E. F.

    Mark Guest

    AFAIK Dell laptops have the second worst reliability, only 'beaten' by
    HP right at the bottom. In addition Dell (in the UK anyway) is awful
    to deal with.
    Mark, Mar 20, 2013
  7. E. F.

    Bob_Villa Guest

    Mark, who is at the top...or what is your information source? Thanks!
    Bob_Villa, Mar 20, 2013
  8. E. F.

    Mark Guest

    This is from Which? magazine. If you look at the actual figures
    there's not a big difference between the most reliable and the least
    so it's probably not that significant.

    The best are Acer, Apple, Sony, Toshiba
    The lower ones are Lenovo, Samsung, HP & Dell.
    Mark, Mar 20, 2013
  9. E. F.

    Bob_Villa Guest

    So is this like Consumer's Report in the US?
    Bob_Villa, Mar 20, 2013
  10. E. F.

    Mark Guest

    Unfortunately I don't know the "Consumer's Report".

    "Which?" is an independent publication that tests a variety of
    products for suitability, reliability etc. It's the only organisation
    of this type in the UK (that I know) that is truly independent since
    it is not supported by the trades or advertising.
    Mark, Mar 21, 2013
  11. E. F.

    Bob_Villa Guest

    So it is the same...although Consumer Reports (CU) has dubious opinions on autos. I used to subscribe years ago and found them to be arrogant in their reviews. I followed their advice a few times and was surprised at the failure of their assessments.
    I would not use the words, "truly independent" about anyone or anything. We all have our phobias and biases. (I'm NOT chiding you) 8^)
    Bob_Villa, Mar 21, 2013
  12. E. F.

    Adrian C Guest

    Which magazine (UK) suffers from a consumer readership that is so
    concerned about reliability through various social factors (mostly use
    of item by elderly or non-technical), that the user feedback they
    collect is swayed specifically in support of previous items they have
    written about. It's all safe hand-holding blandness. They probably
    haven't heard yet about Asus, and LG / Samsung just sound "wrong".

    Ocasionally, Which hypes an item of technical brilliance, like a very
    good / expensive home cinema enthusiasts flat panel TV - and then gets a
    host of dim witted feedback from those that can't understand the
    options, interfaces, remote control buttons and end up using 10% of the
    recommeded item's true capabilities. And one day, the active input
    channel accidently is upset by the dog (or an interested visitor) and
    they fuss that the item is broken and hence unreliable.

    I'd like to see magazines and media organisations that educate people to
    make their own selections. Not dumb down and spoon feed the blandness of
    safe choices for the unthinking.
    Can't tell much from that.

    All the above makes have ranges for different applications and markets.
    Some of it is unreliable goods as the customer hasn't invested properly,
    and so has got what was deserved.

    Unfortunately HP & Dell have made much throwaway consumer grade IT that
    looks like it has tainted their name and overtaxed their support. Spend
    more money with them and buy a better specification then they are quite
    OK. On the other hand, Apple doesn't let badly engineered rubbish out of
    their factories - and charges customers for that fact. Handsomely.

    For business equipment with better build quality and support (and a
    higher price) - HP, Dell, Apple, Toshiba and Lenovo are still top tier IMO.
    Adrian C, Mar 30, 2013
  13. E. F.

    Mark Guest

    I don't know where you get the statistics for Which? subscribers. It's
    not just the elderly and non-technical that read it. Which? is not
    perfect by any means but is unique in the way it works. I like the
    emphasis on reliability and this is what this thread it about. Very
    few other professional reviewers are able to look at this since they
    probably only have the laptop for a week before the next toy needs

    I've seen reviews for LG and Samsung products in Which?.
    Most magazines are not in the business of educating people to make
    their own choices. They are about earning money from their
    Mark, Apr 3, 2013
  14. E. F.

    Adrian C Guest

    Yup. It happens :(
    Adrian C, Apr 13, 2013
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