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Are Tablet PCs still in our future?

Discussion in 'Tablet PC' started by wizzywiz, Oct 1, 2006.

  1. wizzywiz

    wizzywiz Guest

    I don't see any available on the Dell website. Also I haven't seen any
    press or advertisements about them lately. I googled Tablet PCs and
    pretty much only came up with pages from
    2003 and 2004.

    Are manufacturers still making them?

    And is Vista going to run on them?

    Thanks if you know.
    wizzywiz, Oct 1, 2006
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  2. wizzywiz

    Chris H. Guest

    Dell's "interest" in Tablet PCs went with the ex-Dell works (among others)
    who formed Motion Computing. Yes, there's a whole crop of new machines on
    the market right now with the Duo Core processors, and more are expected
    around the time Vista launches in a few months.

    Check out Tablet PC MVP Terri Stratton's web site - http://thetabletpc.net -
    for all the latest model information, comparison charts and links to the
    various manufacturers.
    Chris H., Oct 1, 2006
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  3. There doesn't seem to be much new news. Not a whole lot of recent
    innovations. A lot of focus was moved over to the ultra-mobile-PCs but
    then I think that kind of died out.

    I have been noticing more and more people with tablets. Several students
    that I know have tablets. And not just the computer geeks. All the city
    commissioners in my city have Acer C300s. All the medical students at KU
    Medical School are required to own one of the HP tablets. I can't
    remember the model. A local clinic has switched to using only WiFi
    connected tablet PCs for all their doctors and top nurses so they can
    quickly look things up, fill in forms, and take it with them from room to
    room. And this is just what I have noticed in my daily life.

    From what I have been reading, tablets are becoming popular in the
    "vertical markets" (where specialized software is designed to take
    advantage of hardware features) such as medicine.
    Many are still making them. Toshiba has a whole line of them in all
    different sizes. They make almost as many different kinds of tablets as
    they do regular laptops.
    Yep, as previous posts have indicated, the same Vista that runs on a PC
    will run on a Tablet PC and have all the Tablet PC functionality. It just
    installs differently if you are installing it on a Tablet.
    Grant Robertson, Oct 1, 2006
  4. Josh Einstein, Oct 1, 2006
  5. wizzywiz

    terri Guest

    terri, Oct 1, 2006
  6. wizzywiz

    Derek Erb Guest

    I don't see any available on the Dell website. Also I haven't seen any
    I certainly wouldn't use the Dell web site as an example of what the
    entire industry is doing. Funny enough when I look at Tablet PC
    comparisons I rarely see a Dell mentioned.
    Next time Google with the quotes around your phrase "Tablet PC"? I had
    to scroll more than 10 pages before I got anything older than 2005.
    I certainly hope so! I just bought a Fujitsu Stylistic ST5032.
    The first thing I did when I got home was reformat the slate with the
    latest beta release of Windows Vista. It automatically recognises it's
    a Tablet PC and installs all of the Tablet PC functions which are
    already built-in to Vista. It works wonderfullly.

    I then installed the latest beta of Office 2007 which also works great
    on my slate.

    The only difficulty I am having, which was to be expected, is that
    there aren't up to date Vista drivers for all of the hardware. I can't
    use Aero yet as I have to wait until Fujitsu comes out with a
    Vista-compatible screen driver... the same for the built-in fingerprint

    Tablet PCs rule!
    Derek Erb, Oct 2, 2006
  7. wizzywiz

    IT2 Guest

    Yeah too bad for the UMPC's ... I think everyone was hyped up on the
    sub 600 dollar price and small form factor... however you can't get one
    of those for under 1000 dollars. I get props all the time around
    campus for my TC4200, people think its awesome, I'm typing away at the
    library, and the rotate the screen flat, and out of nowhere come the
    ooh's and aah's ...


    IT2, Oct 12, 2006
  8. wizzywiz

    Chris H. Guest

    Not too bad for a beginning. Just wait a few months until the Vista release
    timeframe. :cool:
    Chris H., Oct 12, 2006
  9. Does this mean to say that Vista might mean the big bang for the
    Or does this refer to TabletPCs?

    Rainald Taesler, Oct 12, 2006
  10. wizzywiz

    Chris H. Guest

    New Tablet PCs and Ultra-Mobile PCs - both.
    Chris H., Oct 12, 2006
  11. wizzywiz

    IT2 Guest

    That's what I am hoping, I really like the EOi7200 model. I wanted to
    get an LS800 from motion computing, but I heard they run REALLY HOT,
    and I didnt want to be carrying something around like that if it got as
    hot as maybe my TC4200 gets. This EO i7200 has everything I want

    IT2, Oct 12, 2006
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