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Are there any true-crt monitors that are more than 21"?

Discussion in 'ATI' started by boe, Apr 2, 2005.

  1. boe

    boe Guest

    I've seen some TV's that claim to be CRTs but they don't support the
    resolution or refresh - basically they are TV's with SVGA connectors. One
    of my favorite CRT monitor manufacturers is Viewsonic but the largest they
    have is a 21" monitor that is 3 years old. I was curious if there are any
    larger CRTs available or if I'll have to wait for LCD technology to improve.

    I tried out the dell but it seemed for lack of a more inspired term dull
    when compared to my 8 year old monitor. And yes, I did adjust things but it
    still seemed less vibrant and I'm not referring to just brightness or
    contrast. The colors themselves seemed almost faded to a degree - of course
    that is just my opinion and I can see there are others with VERY strong
    opinions about the benefits of LCD.
    boe, Apr 2, 2005
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  2. boe

    Tod Guest

    I would assume no company going to keep selling
    large CRTs with LCD on the rise.

    A flat 22" CRT monitor might give you a little more space.
    Also the tubes that go into current CRT are only made by a few

    I've been really happy with my Hitachi 21" (.22 dot pitch) monitor.
    Cornerstone used the same tubes, but both companies seem to be out
    of the CRT business.
    Tod, Apr 3, 2005
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  3. boe

    dr ratt Guest

    iiyama do these 22" diamondtrons -
    as the best quality monitors are crts based on shadow mask technology i
    think they'll hang around a while yet.

    dr ratt
    dr ratt, Apr 3, 2005
  4. boe

    boe Guest

    I hate when they do this - it is 20" viewable. Viewsonic has a 21" and a
    22" but both are 20" viewable. Hey - lets make the case EVEN bigger and we
    can call it a 24" but still put the same size tube in it!
    boe, Apr 3, 2005
  5. boe

    J. Clarke Guest

    Mitsubishi used to make CRT monitors up to IIRC 37", but they didn't have
    resolution proportionate to the size--1024x768 was the most they'd take
    without fuzzing out IIRC.

    Best bet's an HDTV with DVI inputs and then use Powerstrip to get your video
    board to feed it the highest HD resolution it will support--you may have to
    do a good deal of tweaking to get timings that it's happy with.
    J. Clarke, Apr 3, 2005
  6. Diamondtron tubes are made by Mitsubishi and are aperature grill
    Redmond du Barrymond, Apr 3, 2005
  7. boe

    boe Guest

    What are the different types of tubes? Is aperature grill good or bad?
    boe, Apr 3, 2005
  8. boe

    boe Guest

    Thanks - I have a Mits 65" RPTV that is HD - never have been able to get a
    decent picture even with powerstrip. I've spent about 2 hours and finally
    that was as much as I was willing to put into it. It would be wonderful if
    Mits came out with a Windows XP driver for this thing. I've read and posted
    many times on Home Theatre Spot but so far no one has a definitive driver
    that gives a nice display for this particular RPTV.
    boe, Apr 3, 2005
  9. boe

    dr ratt Guest

    i know, i was responding to his comment about crts becoming unavailable.

    dr ratt
    dr ratt, Apr 3, 2005
  10. Well, you suggested he buy the Diamondtron tube which is aperature
    grill then you told him the best tubes are shadow mask. Which is not
    true BTW. They both have their plus and minuses.
    Redmond du Barrymond, Apr 3, 2005
  11. boe

    Pluvious Guest

    Here's a HUGE list of 21"+ CRT's.


    Pluvious, Apr 3, 2005
  12. It's a personal preference. I've owned both and I liked the aperature
    grill better because the screen is flatter and brighter.

    Tube type: Shadow-mask displays employ a metal sheet perforated with
    small holes to focus an electron beam that illuminates phosphors on
    the inside of the tube. These monitors usually have a slightly curved
    face, though some flat-screen models are available. Shadow-mask
    monitors are generally the monitor of choice for use with drawing
    applications such as CAD because they tend to render accurate straight

    Other CRT monitors have aperture-grille tubes, which send their
    electron beams through an array of thin vertical wires. The grille is
    supported by one or two wires that cause a faint line to appear in the
    bottom and top thirds of a white screen. Many aperture-grille models,
    which tend to cost more than shadow-mask displays, have a flat face.
    They typically render bright images, making them ideal for people who
    work with graphics. Though they cost more, flat-faced models repay the
    investment, because they present a clear, undistorted image and
    reduced glare from ambient light.
    Redmond du Barrymond, Apr 3, 2005
  13. boe

    boe Guest

    Good link - thanks!

    boe, Apr 3, 2005
  14. boe

    J. Clarke Guest

    J. Clarke, Apr 3, 2005
  15. boe

    boe Guest

    Thanks! It looks like for some odd reason, the tube manufacturers don't
    make much in the way of larger than 20" viewable. Seems a pity since I
    still haven't seen an LCD which competes with my 8 year old 20" viewable
    Viewsonic for both color and refresh.

    I've bought quite a few LCDs for my clients and am still hoping to some day
    plug in an LCD at Native Resolution and say wow - I'm going to replace my
    CRT for this model. Or I'm hoping to see a posting on gizmodo or some such
    place with an anouncement of Viewsonic or NEC/Mits about a new 24" or larger
    standard fromat PC Monitor.
    boe, Apr 3, 2005
  16. boe

    dr ratt Guest

    i used that link as i was searching monitors myself, prior to reading the
    post, & remembered seeing 22". i made no suggestion to buy it, i merely
    pointed out the existence of products matching his spec. the op doesn't
    regard it as true 22" though.
    i seem to recall that top end shadow masks were supposed to reproduce colour
    better than aperture grills. my knowledge here is out of date by a couple of
    years so mayhap things have changed.
    fwiw, my own personal preferrence in crts is aperture grill from iiyama
    although i now only buy lcds, the space saving alone being an enormous
    factor in the equation, imo.

    dr ratt
    dr ratt, Apr 3, 2005
  17. boe

    Minotaur Guest

    They do that Washing machines and Dryers etc aswell.
    Same motor, same cylinder size inside, but amazingly one model fits more
    than the other. It seems fancy control panels amazingly make more space
    inside.. lol
    Minotaur, Apr 5, 2005
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