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ARM7-based AutoCAD slide viewer demo

Discussion in 'Embedded' started by Chris Burrows, Jul 27, 2009.

  1. A vector graphics processing demo program written using Oberon-07 can be
    seen on YouTube:

    The hardware used in this example is the ThaiEasyElec 'BlueScreen' board - a
    self-contained 320 * 240 touch-panel LCD unit driven by an NXP LPC2378 ARM7

    The first two images are processed in real time, the second two have
    built-in delays to show the drawing as it proceeds.

    While the application itself is nothing special what still impresses me is
    the minuscule size of the resulting code. The total executable size
    (including startup code, runtime error trapping and reporting, UART, LCD
    display drivers etc.) is 17 KB. I guess I shouldn't really be surprised
    having written substantial software in assembler in less than 1 KB of RAM on
    the old 8-bit microprocessors. I must have become desensitised by the 10 MB+
    sizes of the typical bloatware these days!

    The AutoCAD Slide image data file sizes used in the demo are 5 KB for the
    Space Shuttle and 28 KB for St Pauls. They are appended to the executable
    and accessed conveniently from the application using the new 'resource
    management' feature of Armaide.

    Chris Burrows

    CFB Software
    Armaide v2.1: ARM Oberon-07 Development System
    Chris Burrows, Jul 27, 2009
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