Armada M700 (Pentium II-366, 10GB) Random Crashes

Discussion in 'Compaq' started by banyan22uk, Sep 27, 2005.

  1. banyan22uk

    banyan22uk Guest


    I would be grateful for any ideas with a strange problem with my Compaq
    Armada M700. The computer suddenly crashed in Windows 2000 which had
    been running fine for ages. After a clean format and reinstall I found
    it was still very unstable. Just in case it was a dodgy cd, I tried
    formatting again and loading Windows 98SE clean. Again still unstable.
    So next tried XP Pro which loaded ok, but again was erratic and

    Went into BIOS screens and it even froze on that! The cooling fan
    appears to be working ok so it is unlikely to be that although the
    computer always has got warm around the cpu/memory module area.

    Assuming the problems being due to RAM and/or hard drive, I have so far
    tried the following.

    1. Replaced the original IBM 6gb hard drive with the IBM 10gb which was
    working fine in my Dell. Have run extensive diagnostics on this drive
    which passes every time and have even run the Hitachi/IBM feature tool
    and slowed the drive to UDMA 2 [ATA33]from the default UDMA 4 [ATA66]
    (which has made it slower but a bit more stable)

    2. Replaced the 2x32MB memory modules with 2x64MB modules. The other
    RAM is onboard. Total RAM 160MB now. Have also run extensive
    diagnostics on this RAM which passes every time.

    3. Flashed the BIOS to latest version.

    4. Run compaq diagnostics and found that it failed on parallel port, so
    disabled parallel port (and also serial port just in case)

    Have now tried all I can think of and am losing sanity. I hope it is
    not the main board inside as this would be sad as the rest of the
    computer is fine (screen, cd, fdd etc.)

    Has anyone had a similar problem and do you have a solution?

    Many thanks in advance!
    banyan22uk, Sep 27, 2005
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  2. banyan22uk

    Quaoar Guest

    If it still has XP loaded, then try accessing the Event Viewer logs.
    There might be a clue there. It is IMO definitely hardware and since it
    freezes on boot it is likely fatal. I suspect HD controller failure,
    but it could be any hardware component. You might try eBay for a used
    mainboard. You can run memtest86 (Google) that will diagnose RAM
    problems. You can obtain the HD manufacturer's disk utility. You can
    Google Groups search on 'armada m700' for similar problem and, with
    luck, possible solutions.


    Quaoar, Oct 14, 2005
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