Asrock 775i65PE incredible problem

Discussion in 'ASRock' started by Andrea Giudici, Feb 9, 2007.

  1. Hi everybody, first post here.

    I know this may sound OT but my vendor told me that Asrock is owned (or is a
    branch of) by asus, I am.

    I recently bought a new Asrock 775i65PE motherboard to replace an old asus
    one which died.
    This new one has a 7.1 integrated audio chip, and I'm getting mad trying to
    make it work.

    It simply outputs sound whenever it wants, for example, if I open an mp3
    file (but this is true also for videos, games, everything which is
    audio-related), it will start playing (maybe), then play for a couple of
    secs, then no output at all for some other time, then again, and so on.

    I tried everything, from reformatting HD (im using windows xp sp2) to
    changing drivers/ flashing bios. NO SOLUTION:

    Please someone help me, i'm getting mad. really!

    Andrea from italy (thats why of my bad english..)
    Andrea Giudici, Feb 9, 2007
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  2. I also have a new Asrock motherboard (775 VIA-MST), and I can't get any
    sound _at all_. I've installed all the drivers, including the latest one
    from the Asrock website, but I still get "No audio device". So I have fitted
    a PCI sound card (which I already had), and now everything is alright.
    My advice to you is to fit a PCI sound card too (also). You can get a cheap
    (inexpensive) one, and it should solve your problem.
    P.S. Your English is OK.

    Sylvain VAN DER WALDE, Feb 9, 2007
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  3. I also have a new Asrock motherboard (775 VIA-MST), and I can't get any
    I also think this will be my final solution.
    Here where I live the cheapest surround sound card (made by trust) is 30?.
    I bought this mobo for about 60?.....
    Of course I'll never buy again from Asrock, and everybody please think twice
    before doing this.

    Any further help would be appreciated,

    Andrea Giudici, Feb 10, 2007
  4. Andrea Giudici

    Roy Coorne Guest

    Asrock mainboards are fine if they are o.k. which is not always the
    case (see, e. g., user reviews at

    You might contact your mainboard dealer and have your 775i65PE
    replaced by a new one - with a working on-board sound.

    Roy Coorne, Feb 18, 2007
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