ASROCK Audio Header problems

Discussion in 'ASRock' started by christianrogari, Apr 6, 2008.

  1. christianrogari


    Apr 6, 2008
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    Help me please...
    I have a case Thermaltake AGUILA,
    and I have a mainboard ASROCK 4core 1600p35 wifi+.
    I don't know how to connect the audio panel case connectors with the audio header of the mainboard...:(

    Here's the audio panel case's connectors:

    * EAR L
    * EAR R
    * RETURN L
    * RETURN R
    * GROUND
    * MIC IN
    * MIC VCC​

    ...and here's the mainboard audio header's structure (x=no pin):


    1. GND
    2. PRESENCE#
    3. MIC RET
    4. OUT RET
    5. MIC2 L
    6. MIC2 R
    7. J_SENSE
    8. OUT2 R
    9. OUT2 L

    Already I have read the user manual of the and also the user manual of the case, but there aren't good instructions to make rights connections, so I'll be grateful to all the people taht will help me to solve this problem.

    ...don't leave me alone, help me!!! :( :( :(
    christianrogari, Apr 6, 2008
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