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Asus A7V8X and a XP 2500 AMD, help

Discussion in 'AMD Thunderbird' started by Bradley Moser, Jul 18, 2004.

  1. Last weekend i went out and bought a XP 2500 AMD CPU and got it home
    thinking it would work in my motherboard.

    My older motherboard only goes up to 266 bus speed.
    So I went back and bought anAsus A7V8X motherboard, its a cheap board. But
    its all I need.

    Before I take everything out and take it back for them to check it,
    When I boot up my computer it said that its a 1100 XP.

    The CPU was brand new in AMD plastic sealed case.
    could the CPU to miss marked.

    The motherboard only have 5 dip switches to change the CPU frequency.
    I tried to change it and my computer will not boot up.
    I also bought a 256 meg of ram 2700.

    Any help.
    Thank you
    Bradley Moser, Jul 18, 2004
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  2. Bradley Moser

    Wes Newell Guest

    The default multiplier on the 2500+ is 11, so if you have your FSB set to
    100MHz (200FSB) then you only get a cpu running at 1100Mhz. Set the FSB to
    166MHz. If it won't boot at that, it moght be because of the ram settings.
    PC2700 rams top setting is 166Mhz. If you can exchange the ram for PC3200
    or higher it would be an advantage. Many people run the 2500+ cpu's at
    11x200 for a 3200+. BTW, if your MB or bios has a setting for PCI divider,
    it needs to be 5, usually shown as 5:2:1, 5 bring the pci diver, 2 being
    the agp speed of 66 (2 x pci), and 1 being to set the ram bus at 1 x FSB
    Wes Newell, Jul 19, 2004
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  3. Bradley Moser

    Ben Pope Guest

    You need to change the FSB from 100MHz to 166MHz and ensure that the memory
    ratio is 1:1

    Ben Pope, Jul 22, 2004
  4. Ok I will try it,
    I have been having choppy video and mp3 play back,
    Bradley Moser, Jul 22, 2004
  5. Ok, I changed it.
    It still shows 1100 XP CPU.
    The memory is only one stick 256.

    I had a AMD 800 and this system seems to be running the same speed.

    I can not see that is is any faster.

    Thank Brad
    Bradley Moser, Jul 22, 2004
  6. Bradley Moser

    Ben Pope Guest

    Then you only *think* you changed it. It's still 11*100MHz.

    How did you "change" it?

    Ben Pope, Jul 22, 2004
  7. This board board is the cheap model.
    I only has 5 dip switches to change the Freq
    That is it.
    I mite buy a new motherboard
    Bradley Moser, Jul 23, 2004
  8. Bradley Moser

    Wes Newell Guest

    Check the manual and bios. You can set it all from the bios. Multiplier,
    FSB, vcore, etc. Advanced section of bios.
    Wes Newell, Jul 23, 2004
  9. Bradley Moser

    Ben Pope Guest

    5 dip switches is 32 options. Which would seem a bit excessive for FSB

    You can usually change the FSB in the BIOS.

    Ben Pope, Jul 23, 2004
  10. Bradley Moser

    rstlne Guest

    Just let him go and buy new kit..
    He'll make someone on ebay happy
    rstlne, Jul 26, 2004
  11. I tried everything and it does not work.
    That's what I get for buying a cheap board.
    The board was only $ 70 dollars.
    I mite take it back and let them check it out.
    That was I can only pay the extra money on the upgrade board.

    Bradley Moser, Jul 26, 2004
  12. Bradley Moser

    rstlne Guest

    To be honest..
    I think the board is a not a "cheap" board.. sure there were better options,
    and if you paid 70$ for a SktA board then it should be damn good..

    I guess my big questions would be.. is your 2700 ram "good enough" to be ran
    at that speed..
    And are you 100% sure your setting all of the speeds correctly.

    I guess it is possible that you would have a bad board.. BUT.. I cant see a
    bad board simply bumping the fsb down from the max to what you are seeing..

    As ben said in the first post
    Your fsb needs to be changed from 100 to 166.
    The ram needs to be kept in sync, and if it's 2700 then it needs to run at
    it or else you are going to have troubles..
    rstlne, Jul 27, 2004
  13. Well, I took it back where I bought it,
    They told me that the CUP was not all the way seated in the slot.
    I was there and me showed me, its now working.
    Lucky I did burn it up.
    Thanks for all the help
    Bradley Moser, Jul 29, 2004
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