Asus A8N32-SLI Deluxe and nForce IDE driver

Discussion in 'Asus' started by René, Feb 11, 2006.

  1. René

    René Guest


    If I install the nForce IDE driver, Windows XP simply stops/freezes during
    startup. If I install the IDE driver included with Windows XP, Windows XP
    starts every time.

    Is this a know issue with the nForce4 drivers? I have tried the IDE drivers
    in nForce4 AMD/Intel X16 version 6.85 and nForce4 AMD edition version 6.70
    and the result is the same.

    René, Feb 11, 2006
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  2. René

    HexManiac Guest

    I had this problem as well. I had 3 WD2500KS drives and 1 Seagate
    7200.9 500GB drive. Only the Seagate had NCQ. At first I tried to
    disable NCQ but it would still lockup right after the Windows splash
    screen. I replaced the mobo (ASUS AN832-SLI Deluxe) and still had
    problems. So now I have a spare mobo. Anyway, I removed the Seagate
    and replaced it with another WD2500KS drive and haven't had the
    problem since. The Western Digital 250 GB SE16 drive does not
    implement the 'full' SATA2 spec. NCQ is not included, while the 3Gb/s
    speed is (allegedly). I have the nvidia IDE drivers loaded now with
    no problems. Before I RMA the Seagate, I want to try it in an Intel
    PC I'm going to build for my kids and see if it works. HTH.

    HexManiac, Feb 11, 2006
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  3. René

    René Guest

    I have nstalled WinXP x64 on another partition today, and this boots up fine
    with all Nvidia drivers installed - at least so far :).
    René, Feb 11, 2006
  4. René

    HexManiac Guest

    Looks like you may be fine, them. When I tried to load x64, as soon
    as I loaded the IDE driver, it locked up on the next reboot. This was
    early in the troubleshooting saga, well before I replaced the mobo and
    then removed the drive.

    HexManiac, Feb 11, 2006
  5. René

    John Lewis Guest

    No problems here, A8N32, 6.85, WinXP Pro (32-bit), Hitachi SATA
    3Gbit/NCQ. You omitted a vital piece of information - manufacturer...

    ( If Maxtor, they have finally released a fix for nForce4
    compatibility, a chronic problem with both PATA and SATA Maxtor
    drives. The fix is apparently not yet publicly available --- only by
    request to their support group. )

    John Lewis
    John Lewis, Feb 12, 2006
  6. René

    milleron Guest

    I have a similar setup with no problems: A8N-SLI Premium, 1st SATA --
    WD Raptor 74GB, 2nd SATA -- Seagate 7200.8 300GB with NCQ. The
    Microsoft drivers worked fine, but I installed the nForce drivers
    because I wanted to enable NCQ. Everything's been stable for months,
    and the HDs benchmark slightly better with the nForce IDE drivers.
    Parenthetically, enabling NCQ gave no perceptible improvement in
    performance, even though all programs and data are on that drive.

    milleron, Feb 12, 2006
  7. René

    René Guest

    No problems here, A8N32, 6.85, WinXP Pro (32-bit), Hitachi SATA
    I actually also forgot to write that I am using WinXP Media Center 2005.
    Anyway I have the following drives:
    WDC WD2500KS
    WDC WD740GD
    Maxtor 6Y 120P0

    I have tried running with only the WD740GD attached and the problem still
    occurs. I unfortunately now also gets the problem with the XP drivers. But
    it helps to start Windows in safe mode and the restart it again in
    normal.... Strange.

    René, Feb 12, 2006
  8. René

    Alan Oats Guest

    Not only is it not publicly available but you have to beg to get it.
    Maxtor's support does not even know how many revisions of there own HDs
    exist and advised me to install the wrong NForce drivers. After a few
    weeks of this idiocy I have returned the drive.
    Alan Oats, Feb 13, 2006
  9. René

    John Lewis Guest

    Maxtor has been on my NEVER BUY list for many, many years.
    Now that Seagate has acquired them, hopefully the quality
    will rapidly improve. It will become VERY important to check
    the MANUFACTURING DATES of any Maxtor drives over
    the next year or two, should they begin to get good reviews,
    as vendors clear out old stock.

    John Lewis
    John Lewis, Feb 13, 2006
  10. René

    John Lewis Guest

    Any chance of doing a clean install with a borrowed version of XP Pro
    SP2 ( no need to on-line register or Windows Update for this test ) ,
    loading nF4 X16 drivers and testing again ? Just in case of an
    incompatibility with WinXP Media Center 2005....

    The nVidia drivers are only officially listed as supporting XP/2000
    --- an oversight by nVidia maybe, since Media Center 2005 is
    brand-new, OR maybe M$$ has slipped in a tiny system-core
    change that the nF4 X16 MB driver doesn't like.

    John Lewis
    John Lewis, Feb 13, 2006
  11. René

    René Guest

    René, Feb 14, 2006
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