asus a8nsli and nvidia speed test on drive

Discussion in 'Asus' started by edavid3001, Aug 13, 2006.

  1. edavid3001

    edavid3001 Guest

    I have two drives. One is a Hitachi Sata 3gb drive with firmware
    modified to support 3gb mode. One is a Maxtor pata 133.

    Nvidia speed test shows the Maxtor as 105 burst speed and 59 sustained.
    This is historically what it's done.

    The boot drive, the Hitachi, is only showing 43.1 burst speed and 2.0
    or less for sustained. This is not what it has historically done. It
    has historically been abou the same as the Maxtor. PCMark shows this
    drive at about 8MB/s which is very low. It is completely defragged.

    I installed active smart and the Hitachi is showing Raw Read error rate
    that goes from 70 to 100. Right now it's at 100. Commonly it is 85 or

    Is my Hitachi dieing?
    edavid3001, Aug 13, 2006
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  2. edavid3001

    edavid3001 Guest

    Answer: Yes. The redirected blocks cause those sections to not run at
    59MB/s, but about 1MB/s. HD Tune shows 35 redirected blocks. Those
    are the areas where the drive is slow. nVidia speed test was testing
    those areas, apparently.
    edavid3001, Aug 18, 2006
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