Asus Athlon XP 2400+ cpu... burned 160F ... burned?

Discussion in 'Asus' started by GooderThanYou, Dec 16, 2005.

  1. Alright ...

    My cpu fan was driving me crazy and would periodically stop spinning
    completely from time to time, so I bought a new fan+ heatsink online
    and it turned out to be the wrong thing and since my computer seemed to
    be fine i left it like that...

    Just now my fan went beserk, i knew it had to be getting hot, I turned
    it off, I saw discoloration in the BIOS!!!!!!!!! The Asus probe must
    be a POS cause BIOS always said it was running higher temps. I jerked
    it to my Stock speed ( I had it underclocked) just to see how hot it
    would get, 160F. Turned it off quickly. Still have the same
    discoloration as I type, is this a cpu fan thing, not my video card?
    Video card has been good to me. I don't mind replacing cpu, just not
    my expensive video card.

    I did look at the cpu and there were slight black marks in one section
    of the center, it didn't smell and I didn't know if that was some
    anti-heat spread melted.. probably not
    GooderThanYou, Dec 16, 2005
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  2. GooderThanYou

    DDC Guest

    Is the discoloration like purple or else... I had once that problem
    and find out that it was the video cable of my monitor when there's
    some stress on it like other cable pulling on it by it's wait it tend
    to do that coloration on my ctr. It did that with my fx5200 and
    9800pro from ati. Now i got a x700pro and it didn't do that problem
    again, i did some cleaning with all the cable behind the case and
    never had trouble with it...

    And for your temp, with a 2600 xp it run at 124*F at idle. and this at
    stock speed. And probably at 150-+*F when gamming or encoding...

    When a cpu burn out it don't work after i can tell you. So i guess it
    not broke. Maybe there is some driver problem with the sensor of your
    mobo. Running 2 different program (OS) with temp reading, it can bug
    out your system reading. I don't know if it can stop your cpu fan but
    it maybe that...
    DDC, Dec 16, 2005
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  3. yea I didn't think 160F is not too hot... I have 4-5 big blue stripes
    running down the monitor and some speckles in between the stripes, all
    uniform. When booting up, pieces of the words in BIOS are colored
    different slightly and its very noticeable when in windows, I reseated
    my video card but I didn't wiggle the monitor cable around, I bet it
    was that simple...ha, I just went ahead and bought an AthlonXP3000+ for
    $120, but all I really need is a new fan, maybe my cpu is fine and I
    just wasted money, but when my cpu is not working i'll do whatever to
    make it work again.

    I never had trouble with my monitor before, I REALLY hope its not the
    video card, its a 9800pro and that would cost me. It'll be about 5 til
    I can play around with it a bit.
    GooderThanYou, Dec 16, 2005
  4. I tried two video cards in agp slot... glitches in BIOS (video) and
    discolorization/lines on most screens (except POST).

    I have concluded its my AGP slot and I need a new MOBO.
    GooderThanYou, Dec 19, 2005
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