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Asus Chassis front 1394 Firewire port question.

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by zavi, Jul 19, 2009.

  1. zavi

    zavi Guest


    Chassis TA-B4 of ASUS and others have USB ports, micro and headphones on its
    front panel. There also a "close" 1394 port next to them but it is closed.
    On Asus website (
    http://uk.asus.com/product.aspx?P_ID=p7dGufLylw4TWYkl&templete=2 ) on
    specifications, it says that this port (firewire) is optional:

    Front I/O Configuration: USB x 2 + Audio x 2 or USB
    x 2 + Audio x 2 + 1394 x1

    Are there two versions of this chassis (one with and other without 1394)? I
    don't think so. Do I have to mount it apart?

    zavi, Jul 19, 2009
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  2. zavi

    PeeCee Guest


    The Firewire (aka 1394) socket to fit the knock out port on the front of a
    lot of cases is something the importer decides at the time the order is
    Then on the cases the importer wants with a 1394 socket the factory will fit
    a pcb that includes the 1394 socket and knock the blanking plug out.

    All you can do is specify the 1394 socket must be present or you won't buy
    the case.

    You 'may' be able to get a pcb with 1394 socket to retrofit from the
    retailer, but I wouldn't hold my breath.

    If you find the case you want doesn't come with the 1394 socket, you may be
    able to find a suitable socket and lead from a scrapped case.
    However I must say scap cases with 1394 sockets are rare beasts.

    PeeCee, Jul 22, 2009
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