Asus k8vse deluxe bios k8vsedx5 should i update? how?

Discussion in 'Asus' started by casioculture, Mar 12, 2005.

  1. casioculture

    casioculture Guest

    I'm considering updating the BIOS on my ASUS k8vse deluxe motherboard
    from the original version (1001.005) to the latest one. In the past I
    had a bad experience with updating the BIOS of an MSI motherboard that
    no longer worked. I'm hesitating about this as the computer is
    generally working okay and apart from the minor annoyance of the sound
    occasionally not working I don't have any other problems. What benefits
    are there from updating from the original bios to the latest one?

    Also, I'm looking at the procedure on this page
    I'm not sure where the optical cd that came with the motherboard is,
    but I have downloaded the k8vsedx.005 file, and also the afudos version
    2.11 from the asus site. I have created a boot floppy from the
    "format..." context menu in explorer and copied both those files to it.
    There are things I don't fully understand from this page:
    1) do I need the AFLASH.EXE file or just those two I already mentioned?
    and if so where can I find the latest version and can I use the version
    on this page?
    2) do I still need to find the optical CD I got when i bought the
    motherboard? 'cos i'm not sure where that is and i have to look for it.

    3) Is the command I type at the dos prompt afudos /ik8vsedx.005 ?
    4) what if things don't go well and I can't boot the computer
    afterwards, what can I do? I read something about jumper and battery
    but I'm not sure i remember how to do that or where to find the
    detailed motherboard manual (the small pdf on the asus site does not
    mention that). Is there a way to recover from a bad bios update on this

    Thanks and regards
    casioculture, Mar 12, 2005
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  2. casioculture

    Paul Guest

    1) Go to the download page for your board: SE Deluxe&Type=All is the latest release BIOS. is the latest
    beta BIOS. is the latest flashing tool.

    Read the warning on the web page. "**If your current BIOS is earlier
    than 1003 (e.g. 1001), please flash BIOS using afudos, and do not
    use EZFlash or ASUS Update**". So, afudos is the only flashing
    solution that is appropriate, if you want to survive the attempt
    to flash upgrade.

    Click the "more" link, next to the BIOS file link. For example, the
    link next to K8vsedx5 says "Support new CPUs", and that is the only
    improvement in that release of BIOS (that Asus wants to mention).

    Prepare a MSDOS floppy boot disk. Copy AFUDOS.exe onto the floppy.
    Make sure the floppy is first in the boot order in the BIOS.
    Test boot the floppy. You should see the A:\ prompt. Type:

    afudos /obackup.rom

    to make a backup copy of the original ROM onto the floppy. Reboot
    into Windows. Copy the backup.rom file off the floppy and save it
    for a rainy day. Remove the backup.rom from the floppy. Copy
    K8VSEDX.005 onto the floppy. Boot up the floppy diskette again. Type:

    afudos /ik8vsedx.005

    This is all in chapter 4 of the manual.

    2) Don't use the optical CD. I believe I've heard of the BIOS being
    killed, by using the file on the optical CD, if you still have
    BIOS 1001 on the motherboard. So, no reason to reach for the CD.

    3) Yes, see (1).

    4.7MB or so.

    Recover from a bad flash ? Not likely. While many Asus boards have
    "crashfree", it can only work if the boot block has not been erased.
    Judging by the lack of command line options for afudos, i expect
    it will always erase the boot block, leaving no recovery procedure
    possible. Your best bet in a case like that, is - purchase
    a replacement BIOS chip, and they will install whatever version of
    BIOS you want on it. Asus also offers this service in some countries,
    but it is no cheaper. While there are other procedures, like "hot
    flashing", or using an EEPROM programmer, most people are not
    equipped to do them.

    Paul, Mar 13, 2005
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  3. casioculture

    casioculture Guest

    Thanks... I checked the link from the page you mentioned; I eventually
    got this 64 3000+ (Socket754)&BIOS=ALL

    "Motherboard : K8V SE Deluxe CPU : Athlon 64 3000 (Socket754) Since
    BIOS : ALL

    If your motherboard BIOS version (refer to "How to examine your BIOS")
    number is greater than the BIOS version listed above, then you will
    not need to flash your BIOS. However, if your BIOS version is smaller
    than the version listed above, then you will need to select and
    download the latest BIOS to update your system. We kindly remind you
    that there is a certain risk level involved in BIOS flashing, please
    refer to "BIOS Flashing Method". If you still have doubts, we will
    strongly advise you to consult with a PC Professional or your PC dealer
    for further assistance."

    By the sound of it I don't need to flash the BIOS, which sounds good
    enough to me. Is there any reason other than supporting the CPU for
    casioculture, Mar 13, 2005
  4. casioculture

    Paul Guest

    The release notes with each BIOS are not exhaustive. There will
    be fixes in the BIOS that are not stated.

    Some people swear by BIOS updating, and will do it whenever
    they see a new BIOS. Like you, I only flash if there is the
    expectation of a tangible benefit. If you buy and install
    a BIOS Savior (, that is one way to have a truly
    bulletproof BIOS chip subsystem, and I wouldn't hesitate to
    flash the BIOS, if I had redundant BIOS chips.

    If this is the only computer you own, a flashing problem would
    be a real disaster. If you have backup computers at your disposal,
    a flash problem is more of an inconvenience than anything.

    For P4 Prescott processors, and WinXP SP2, one incentive to
    flash the BIOS, is to get the latest microcode in the BIOS.
    SP2 will hang, if an old microcode is present. On the AMD
    side, I am not aware of a similar problem.

    Paul, Mar 13, 2005
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