ASUS M2N-SLI Deluxe (2NIC's with same MAC)

Discussion in 'Asus' started by Peter Schubnell, Nov 24, 2006.

  1. Hello,

    after a CMOS-Reset (due to wrong memory parameter settings) the two
    build-in NIC's now have the same MAC-Address (04:4B:80:80:80:03).

    What can i do to get different MAC-Addresses again?
    Peter Schubnell, Nov 24, 2006
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  2. Peter Schubnell

    Paul Guest

    On some previous Asus motherboards, the MAC address is recorded on one
    of the stickers on the motherboard. I see several stickers here:

    This is an example of how it was fixed on an Nforce2 board. I have
    no idea how to fix it on your board. Perhaps Asus Tech Support
    can dream up a solution.

    The MAC address has to be stored *somewhere*. It could be
    contained in CMOS memory, but that is stupid, because
    removing the battery, means losing the data. It could also
    be stored in the BIOS flash chip, but if the chip is erased,
    the information can also be lost. In your case, it seems the
    info is in the CMOS for some reason. As otherwise, clearing
    the CMOS, should have resulted in the MAC address being
    restored from the flash chip. I don't think there are any other
    storage devices on the motherboard, at the hardware level.

    MAC addresses are supposed to be unique, and that is why
    Asus puts them on stickers, so each motherboard gets
    a different value.

    Paul, Nov 24, 2006
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  3. Thanks for your answer Paul.

    I have the original MAC's (before the "deadly" CMOS-reset)written down
    to paper, so, if i know a possibility, i could flash them back to

    What i have found this far is following: with

    "awdflash {bios} /py/sn/cc/cd/cp/nvmac:XXXXXXXXXXXX/wb/e"

    (where XXXXXXXXXXXX is the MAC arrdess)

    someone can set the MAC-Address, but only on the first NIC. I've tried
    this, and it worked.
    What i'm searching now is: How can i set the MAC on the second NIC?

    Waiting for ideas/solutions...
    Peter Schubnell, Dec 1, 2006
  4. Peter Schubnell

    John Guest

    Try opening a command window & type in "ipconfig /all" & hit enter
    As for where MAC address is stored .. it is hard-coded in contoller
    chip, it sure aint in bios anywhere
    If u dont see both LAN' in response to ipconfig, then it likely the
    controller is damaged
    John, Dec 1, 2006
  5. Peter Schubnell

    Rob Guest

    I've had some luck with an older ASUS board, that had dual NIC's, by
    physically putting the 12 digit MAC (no : or -) into the Advanced Tab of
    the Properties page for the appropriate NIC, in Device Manager. It
    most likely currently has the "Not Present" block ticked under Network
    Address. I was able to clone a MAC into 3 different NIC's this way,
    although you can't obviously use all 3 simultaneously. Hopefully, that
    will work on your board as well.
    Rob, Dec 1, 2006
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