Asus m2n Sli Deluxe bios problem

Discussion in 'Motherboard General Discussion' started by Hefaesteeon, Oct 15, 2022.

  1. Hefaesteeon


    Oct 15, 2022
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    Hello all!
    I would appreciate help for my motherboard
    M2n sli Deluxe.
    BIOS is disabled.
    I have ordered 2 new programmed chips, still the same problem.
    Watched videos how to reset it by removing battery, still same problem.
    Disconnected the pin board too, still does not turn on when short circuit is given.
    I have red in a thread about disabling the Qfan setting, but I don’t understand how to do that..
    Any further ideas please?
    Thanks much in advance!

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    Hefaesteeon, Oct 15, 2022
  2. Hefaesteeon


    Jan 22, 2024
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    The components between the caps, 2 coils with the text R68 and what I assume to be the manufacturer logo, which seems like "MC". Of course, on the actual board, I can only tell because the two on the sides are intact. The two in the middle are burnt out. Caps were bulged, one was leaking, but I replaced those already. Curiously enough, there seems to be only marginal damage to the PCB and the rest of the mobo. Really, after visual inspection, the only parts in need of replacing seem to be the caps and the 2 inductors. But of course, this doesn't mean there are no faults. It's just that I don't see them. I guess its time to look for replacement coils.
    soran28h, Jan 22, 2024
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