Asus M4A87TD EVO issues ! Help Please !

Discussion in 'Asus' started by Benj, Jan 19, 2011.

  1. Benj


    Jan 19, 2011
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    Hi guys,

    I'm having some major difficulties with a ASUS M4A87TD EVO motherboard,
    Wanting to upgrade to the next generation
    I bought other components including:
    AMD Athlon II X2 260
    Geforce 9500 GT
    G.Skill 4Go DDR3 x 2
    When building the pc with all the components, everything seems to be working fine, the fan is working, the led is on, the hard disks are fine, i have plugged all the right cables, i have checked several times but when i turn the unit on, nothing happens, i don't get any messages or beeps when switched on, i just get nothing at all. The screen is obviously connected, but nothing happens, just a black screen even though it's turned on.

    I then decided to leave it for a bit, so i put my old motherboard back in the pc with my old components (the ones i used before the upgrade) but the same thing happens.
    I really don't understand, everything worked fine with my old equipment but since i decided to change my mobo etc, it just won't work, even the old one being put back, nothing works !!

    What could it be? may someone help me? there must be something wrong, maybe a component is broken or?

    Thanks to you all,

    Benj, Jan 19, 2011
  2. Benj


    Feb 11, 2011
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    did you check memory compatibility with this new hardware? check this first then do this

    only plug in the needed power from psu and 1 stick of memory.. remove EVERYTHING else unless something is NEEDED for the mobo to turn on

    turn it on and listen for any beeps.. you should get something.. jot down what sounds it's making and look it up on the web..

    then start placing one more piece at a time... don't add more memory, leave it at one for now..

    if nothing happens at all before you add more components move the memory to a different slow as well..

    also the second piece of hardware I would add is obviously a video card.. if it's a dual pci-e make sure you read the mobo manual to see if you need to add the fake card to the slot..

    rinse and repeat and hopefully you will find an answer
    vdoggie, Feb 11, 2011
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