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asus n6800 or xfx pvt43aud?

Discussion in 'Nvidia' started by caheaton, Feb 15, 2006.

  1. caheaton

    caheaton Guest

    I'm considering upgrading my video card. My present pc is AGP
    based, so I'm limited to an AGP board. (I have no plans on building a
    new pc for a couple of years yet, so please don't suggest I go with
    PCI-E). My pc has 2GB PC3200 running dual channel around an Athlon
    2500+ mildy overclocked to 2800+ speeds. The ram is running at DDR400
    speed (400 FSB).
    The power supply on my pc is 400 watt and drives 3 hard drives and two
    DVD burners (in addition to the usual fans, etc.)

    My present card is a 5700LE and while it was satisfactory a couple of
    years ago and has given me good value, it is time to move on as I have
    outgrown the card with my gaming. :)

    I wish to keep my cost below $200, so I've narrowed my choices to the

    Asus N6800 with 512MB DDR2 Geforce 6800
    core = 350 MHz
    memory = 540 MHz
    interface = 128 bit (this is what bothers me, most 6800 cards
    are 256 bit)
    pixel pipelines = 12
    Open GL 1.5

    XFX PVT43AUD 6600GT 256MB Geforce 6600GT
    core = 500 MHz
    memory = 900 MHz
    interface = 128 bit
    pixel pipelines = 8
    Open GL 2.0

    Between the two, which would offer the most performance? Which card
    would be the easiest on my power supply? I like the extra RAM and
    pixel pipelines on the Asus, but it seems like they throttled the
    interface. On the other hand, the XFX card supports a newer version of
    Open GL and seems to be unthrottled. Additionally, I will probably
    begin to overclock these cards as they age to eek more performance out
    of them as their time for retirement draws near (as I am doing now with
    my 5700LE). Games I play most often (at present) are Doom3, Quake 4
    and FEAR.

    Both cards are the same price, so if you were in my shoes, which would
    you buy?

    caheaton, Feb 15, 2006
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  2. caheaton

    farmuse Guest

    neither and you answered your own question, get a 256 bit memory bus
    card, much better performance. I have a 6800nu 256 bit 12 pipes, it
    unlocks to all 16 with rivatuner but it is 128 MB DDR, I would like to
    have 256 MB. Otherwise a fine card made by eVGA, you can maybe find one
    for 180 or so. The 256 MB card for around 200 on a forum like hardocp or
    pcper. Good luck.
    farmuse, Feb 15, 2006
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  3. caheaton

    BigVoice Guest

    I am using ASUS 6800/TD 128M overclock from 325/700 to 400/800MHz.

    BigVoice, Feb 15, 2006
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