ASUS P4G-LA in an HP pavilion 522n

Discussion in 'HP' started by GregF, Nov 11, 2003.

  1. GregF

    GregF Guest

    Hello All,
    Would anyone know where I can find the drivers for this motherboard? These
    motherboards are found in the HP Pavilion 522n but they do not provide
    drivers for this from their website for this unit they simply want you to
    use their recovery disk (which wasn't shipped with this unit) to restore
    the OS. Techsupport claims that the recovery can be done from a separate
    partion on the motherboard but i blew that away when i ghosted it with my
    windows xp pro image ;) It so happens that their recovery disk contains
    windows xp home and I want to use windows XP professional. I also
    checked out Intel's website for driver because this motherboard uses an
    intel 845GL chipset. Any feedback would be benefical.

    GregF, Nov 11, 2003
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  2. GregF

    Ben Myers Guest


    Your inquiry is similar to one made several weeks ago. The Asus board has a
    variation of the Intel 845 chipset, so you can get the drivers from either the
    Intel web site or possibly from the Asus web site, either one by downloading ALL
    the drivers for an 845 board. The drivers include graphics, IDE controller and
    USB. As far as audio goes, I do not know which audio chip the system has. If
    you identify the audio chip, you can get drivers from the chip manufacturer's
    web site.

    Not only have personal computers become commodity items, so have chipsets. Long
    gone are the days when a name-brand manufacturer would collaborate with the chip
    manufacturer to cobble up something a little different. ANYTHING at all
    different drives up the cost of chips and software drivers. Margins are just
    too thin for manufacturers to absorb the cost of slightly different hardware.

    Last of all, to repeat for the eyes of Carly and her minions, as if any HP
    employee with any decision-making authority ever reads this newsgroup... The
    non-availability of software drivers for HP computer systems on the HP web site
    is unmatched in the industry. This is downright despicable. Dell, Gateway, IBM
    all have extensive inventories of software drivers available for downloading. I
    recently got myself an old IBM Thinkpad 390E notebook to use for the rare
    occasions when I need a computer outside the office. Of course IBM has all the
    drivers for it, available for downloading. For XP, 2000, ME, 98, 98. Now I do
    not know whether that paragon of product quality, eMachines, has lotsa drivers
    available on its web site. I sort of doubt it, which places HP down low
    alongside eMachines in terms of usefulness of their web sites... Ben Myers
    Ben Myers, Nov 11, 2003
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  3. GregF

    Greg F Guest

    Thanks Ben. I did post a few weeks ago when i was under the assumption that
    the board inside the HP was an Intel Board. when i cracked the box open and
    looked install i discovered it was an ASUS board. This is why I re-posted.
    Thanks for you feedback. I did download the Intel 845 chipset drivers and
    installed them. I agree with you that HP not offering drivers for their
    systems is "downright despicable".

    Greg F, Nov 16, 2003
  4. GregF

    Ben Myers Guest

    Don't you wish we could forward this thread to Carly and her minions, and that
    someone would actually read it and do something about it? It's amazes me how
    large corporations always develop blind spots. HP doesn't get it that their
    desktop computer hardware is little different (well, actually sometimes worse)
    than anyone elses, that there is little room in the industry today for
    differentiation of hardware, and consequently the only possible price
    differentiators are price and service. HP does not compete well on either, so
    they are beaten up badly by Dell. Gosh, if someone at HP would only read this
    message, they'd get a million bucks of advice for free. But, instead, the
    personal computer part of their business will continue to decline, HP execs and
    market analysts will wring their hands wondering why.

    Living here in Massachusetts, I have seen the demise of several one-time
    computer industry players (Wang, Data General, Honeywell, DEC), all of whom
    suffered from similar blind spots... Ben Myers
    Ben Myers, Nov 16, 2003
  5. GregF

    GregF Guest

    I agree totally. The computer I was trying to fix was a friends.
    Personnally I buy cloans. There are many choices for computer hardware in
    where i live in the toronto area in canada. I am new to this NG so I am
    not too sure who Carly is but I am guessing she is on HP's side. They
    should clean up there support website. They offer surverys on their
    website and I fill them out honestly.

    GregF, Nov 18, 2003
  6. GregF

    Elector Guest

    She is the CEO of the "New HP" she is a nice looking lady and has
    brains as well. Nice combination.
    But at the HP web site if your having any difficulties you can write
    Carly a letter and its directed to another person to assist in your
    problem. I had used it to tell her that tech support is terrible and
    that are totally useless.

    The system then sent me a supervisor reply from HP technical support
    via email and was all smoozy and when you fill out the information and
    respond back to this droid the mail bounces back as undeliverable. In
    fact no email that I have received from tech support was able to be
    returned via the simple reply-to in any email program. They expect you
    to use that on-line form submission which as I stated is totally

    Elector, Nov 18, 2003
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