Asus P4P800, checking DDR ram speed with XP?

Discussion in 'Asus' started by outtaping, Jan 4, 2004.

  1. outtaping

    outtaping Guest


    Is there a simple utility that displays DDR-ram speed, with Win-XP.

    I just bought some DDR-433 PC3500 ram, and want to make sure it's
    running at 400Mhz (not 266, etc.).


    p.s. Tried a small util called CPU-Z, but it doesn't seem to display
    true DDR-ram speed.
    outtaping, Jan 4, 2004
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    Go there, its a utility that allows you to change FSB/mem etc while running
    windows, it should report
    the true speed, and even allow you to tweak it a bit.

    The one for your Board is at:

    The utility is Motherboard dependant, so you can only use that 2nd link for
    P4P800 / P4P800-VM / P4C800 / P4C800-E
    for other makes, people have to go to the first link and check to see if
    their MB is supported.
    Philip Callan, Jan 4, 2004
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  3. Sorry, side note its for adjusting your FSB and AGP speeds, not memory, but
    it will show you true values for RAM.
    Philip Callan, Jan 4, 2004
  4. outtaping

    Eric Guest

    You can also use Sisoft Sandra -- which gives you tons of information about
    your system. Here is a link to it:

    Here is what it says about my RAM speed: note that it says "400 mhz data
    rate" next to speed under the memory bank portion (note that it also shows
    that I have PAT and hyperthreading enabled):

    Manufacturer : ASUSTeK Computer Inc.
    MP Support : 1 CPU(s)
    MPS Version : 1.40
    Model : P4P800
    Version : Rev 1.xx
    Serial Number : MB-1234567890

    Chipset 1
    Model : ASUSTeK Computer Inc 82865G/PE/P, 82848P DRAM Controller / Host-Hub
    Bus(es) : ISA AGP PCI IMB USB FireWire/1394 i2c/SMBus
    Front Side Bus Speed : 4x 200MHz (800MHz data rate)
    Maximum FSB Speed / Max Memory Speed : 4x 200MHz / 2x 200MHz
    Width : 64-bit
    HTT - Hyper-Threading Technology : Yes
    IO Queue Depth : 12 request(s)

    Logical/Chipset 1 Memory Banks
    Bank 0 : 512MB DDR-SDRAM 2.5-3-3-6CL 1CMD
    Bank 1 : 512MB DDR-SDRAM 2.5-3-3-6CL 1CMD
    Channels : 2
    Speed : 2x 200MHz (400MHz data rate)
    Multiplier : 1/1x
    Width : 64-bit
    Refresh Rate : 7.80┬Ás
    Performance Acceleration Technology : Yes
    Power Save Mode : No
    Fixed Hole Present : No
    Eric, Jan 4, 2004
  5. outtaping

    Noozer Guest
    I keep hearing about PAT... It's something that my P4C800E should have, but
    Sandra shows that it's disabled. From what I can see, you need a SATA hard
    drive to use PAT???
    Noozer, Jan 5, 2004
  6. outtaping

    outtaping Guest

    Thanks for the help, I'll try both programs.

    Also DL'ing Sandra-2004. I just switched from W98 to XP, some of my
    software programs are so old(!).

    Might as well ask about this too:

    In P4P800 BIOS, Advanced/Jumperfree Config/Performance, there are 3


    Sounds like 'Turbo' mode would be preferred setting. The manual does
    mention turbo-mode but nothing else. What does this setting actually
    change or do?

    (...watching the other/new topic about PAT setting)
    outtaping, Jan 5, 2004
  7. outtaping

    Eric Guest

    No. SATA has nothing to do with PAT -- I don't even have a SATA board.

    PAT is enabled in the P4P800 by setting Memory Acceleration in the bios to
    "enabled". I don't know if your board has a similar setting in the bios.
    PAT can also be enabled in the P4P800 by setting "performance mode" in the
    bios to either the "standard" or the "turbo" settings. Again, I don't know
    your board's bios.

    Also, no matter what, PAT generally becomes disabled (at least partially)
    when you overclock.
    Eric, Jan 5, 2004
  8. outtaping

    Eric Guest

    From experimentation, it appears that the peformance mode when set to either
    "standard" or "turbo" does two things:

    1. it enables PAT (assuming you are not overclocking) -- Performance
    Acceleration Technology

    2. it changes the memory timings to what may be more efficient timings,
    assuming your memory can handle it.

    For instance, in "auto" under the "performance mode", with the "serial
    presence detect" elsewhere in the bios set to enabled (so your memory timing
    is auto detected), my memory timings show up as 2.5 3 3 8.

    When I enable either "standard" or "turbo", the timings show up as 2.5 3 3
    6. Under a previous bios version, "turbo" tried to change memory to 2 2 2
    5. My memory couldn't handle that, and I couldn't boot in "turbo".
    Eric, Jan 5, 2004
  9. outtaping

    Eric Guest

    Eric, Jan 5, 2004
  10. outtaping

    Noozer Guest

    Ok... was confusing it with the Intel Application Accelerator (or whatever
    it's called).

    Definately overclocked here, sot PAT stays off!
    Noozer, Jan 5, 2004
  11. outtaping

    outtaping Guest

    This info is very helpful!

    Since updating the P4P800 865 chipset from Intel's website (v5.0.2 I
    think), things 'seem' to have not been as stable. Your post basically
    explains why (overclocking the CPU, and 'turbo' combination probably).

    outtaping, Jan 5, 2004
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