Asus P4P800 VM ... connet to audio front panel problem

Discussion in 'Asus' started by gary, Jul 9, 2003.

  1. gary

    gary Guest

    I want to connect the front audio panel from my case to the
    motherboard. I followed the instruction from manual and connected the
    audio cable from the front panel to the motherboard. Then, the front
    panel audio output is working but the rear audio output is not
    working. I don't know why.

    Can anyone tell me how to make both front and rear audio output
    working at the same time?
    gary, Jul 9, 2003
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  2. gary

    Paul Guest

    If your case has an "Intel compatible" front panel audio, then there
    are two contacts on the headphone jack on the front of the case, that
    make continuity so the audio can be routed to the back of the case,
    whenever the headphone isn't plugged in.

    If you have a vanilla headphone jack, it is missing the two contacts,
    so it breaks the connection to the back of the case.

    Notice how there are two jumpers on the FPAUDIO header when no case
    audio cable is connected? These jumpers are performing the function
    of routing audio to the back of the case. When you remove the jumpers
    and plug in the case audio cable, it is the responsibility of the
    case to make the connection that the two jumpers used to make.

    To see what the proper jack would look like, see this drawing: Inc/Web data/SJ-3515.pdf

    This jack has tip (T), ring, (R), and sleeve (S). It also has two
    terminals labelled 3 and 4, and these are the contacts that return
    audio to the back of the computer. When a headphone is plugged into
    the jack, contact 3 and 4 open, so sound on the back of the case is
    muted. When the headphone is removed, 3 and 4 make contact, and route
    the audio to the back of the case. Since your case headphone jack is
    missing contact 3 and 4, the sound on the back of your computer cannot
    work while the case audio cable is plugged in.

    Many cases are not compatible with the Intel style header, and this
    is one of the results. My advice is to remove the cable and put the
    two jumpers back. Either that, or find a case that has a proper cable
    assembly. There aren't too many cases that do this function well.

    If you want to reward Asus for creating this problem for you, you
    could buy a "J-Panel", as seen on this page. I believe it has the
    Intel audio cable on it - that is what the advert suggests. The
    J-Panel is not the same as the infamous I-Panel status display. (see J-Panel)

    Paul, Jul 9, 2003
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