asus p4p800 with new 1mb cache pentium4

Discussion in 'Asus' started by anna, Apr 17, 2004.

  1. anna

    anna Guest

    hi. I plan to upgrade my asus p4p800 (not deluxe) to a new 2.8gig 800mhz fsb
    1mb cache p4 cpu.

    I know my board can handle 800mhz fsb, but should I be concerned about the
    increased cache size of this cpu... or will the board be able to take full
    advantage of the 1mb cache.. is it designed for it and without any bios
    upgrades (I do have the most recent though)

    thanks for your time.
    anna, Apr 17, 2004
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  2. anna

    Roy Coorne Guest

    The P4P800 can handle the 1 MB P4 (Prescott).

    Roy Coorne, Apr 17, 2004
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  3. anna

    end user Guest

    Yes but I read somewhere that the bios has to be ver 1014 or more
    recent, anyways you said that you have the latest one.

    Good luck

    end user, Apr 17, 2004
  4. anna

    anna Guest

    thank you for the input.

    I currently have the 1015.002
    bios version.

    I installed the new cpu and it works fine, which I expected anyway, my only
    small concern was whether it would be able to take advantage of the
    increased cache.. or somehow work with the cpu as if it were 512k. in any
    case, I am not sure if I can verify exactly how my asus recognizes the new
    cpu.. whether it detects the 1mb cache etc. maybe you know how to check
    that, but I am pretty sure its all good, as you said.

    thank you again!
    I was close to buying an intel865perl board for the new prescott but I
    already had a p4p800 so it saved me some money.

    I guess both those boards use the same chipset 865p so if one works so
    should the other.

    this is an off topic subject, but I once bought a p4 2.2gig cpu through
    ebay.. used retail kit, and it turned out to be defective, so I Called up
    intel and sent it for replacement.. no receipts nothing, just sent it in and
    got a new one back a few days later.

    now the new cpu I bought is a used one too, it works fine now, but if ever
    it needs replacing (packing date on it is 12/2003) does anyone know if intel
    changed their return for replacement policies lately? it seems I called
    them up a few days ago to ask and they said you need original receipts with
    dates etc etc... they also told me you always needed them. which obviously
    wasn't the case for my previous cpu.

    anyone knows about this?
    anna, Apr 17, 2004
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