Asus P4V533 Motherboard makes Two Beeps then it Freezes

Discussion in 'Asus' started by rgpangilinan, Jan 15, 2005.

  1. rgpangilinan

    rgpangilinan Guest

    I have been using Asus P4V533 for 10 months, but it is only now that I
    have experienced this problem.

    For over a week now, while I am inside Windows XP Pro, the motherboard
    will suddenly sound two beeps, then my OS will suddenly freeze. It is
    not an OS problem, since it also happens when I am inside the BIOS

    Can anyone suggest what might be the possible cause? My CPU fan is
    operating normally. Can it be the power supply or the motherboard
    itself? Unfortunately, I don't have other PCs to perform testing (like
    swap components).
    rgpangilinan, Jan 15, 2005
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  2. rgpangilinan

    Paul Guest

    The last page of this document, suggests checking the memory DIMM is
    properly seated. But what you are hearing, may not be classed as a
    POST code as such, so the table may not be applicable.

    I would start with a memory test. Get a copy of memtest86 from . There are a couple of versions - one version will
    format a floppy diskette with custom test code (no file system),
    while the second version is suitable for burning an ISO CD
    test disk. If you have a floppy drive, use the first of those two
    methods. Once the floppy or CD is prepared, simply boot from it.

    It could also be that the hardware monitor is detecting a problem,
    and the next time you boot the machine, enter the BIOS and go to
    Power:Hardware_Monitor page. See if any listed voltage or monitored
    fan speed is out of spec. Maybe your CPU fan is running too slow
    or something. Your ATX power supply outputs (+3.3, +5, +12 etc)
    should be within 5% of the nominal value. Due to measurement
    error, I would get concerned if the value is high or low by 10%.
    It could be, that when there is a computing load, the voltage is
    dropping out. You can try Motherboard Monitor (MBM5), for which
    support is discontinued, but perhaps downloads are still possible.
    Or you could get a copy of Asus Probe. (Go to the Asus download
    page, and enter "tools" as the name of the motherboard, and a list
    of utilities will appear instead. The following link is a shortcut
    to getting there. It looks like version 22304 is the latest.)

    MBM5 can log voltage and fan readings to a text file. Asus Probe
    does the same thing, only the results are available in a less
    convenient graphical form.

    You can get a copy of Prime95, from . Use the
    "Torture Test" mode, which does a computation for which the
    answer is known. The program can detect a CPU computation error
    or a memory error (as memtest86 may not find all speed related
    faults). The program, as a bonus, also runs at 100% CPU, and
    while Prime95 is running, check either MBM5 or Asus Probe, and
    see if just after Prime95 torture test starts, a voltage or
    fan speed is dropping out.

    Only install one monitor program (i.e. MBM5 or Asus Probe) but
    not both of them at the same time. On some motherboards that
    use the SMBUS for the monitor chip, the two programs interfere
    with one another, due to the lack of a semiphore for hardware
    use in Asus Probe.

    Paul, Jan 15, 2005
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  3. rgpangilinan

    Ginchy Guest

    you could try reseating the cpu,ram and vga to see if it clears!
    Ginchy, Jan 15, 2005
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