Asus P5B Premium Vista Edition

Discussion in 'Asus' started by kk405, May 3, 2007.

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    May 3, 2007
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    I am building a system around the Silverstone CW01 case and have a couple of problems...first, I can not connect the the built-in card reader to my motherboard...there are two connecting cables coming out of the the card reader, one is a 3-pin connector marked as USB1+ USB1- and VCC1...and there is a single pin connector lables GRND...I am using an Asus P5B Premium, Vista Edition and I don't see any place on that motherboard to connect these cables....

    Second problems is that my motherboard has a connector for one IE1394. The motherboard comes with one rear-panel PCI-style card that has 2 USB and 1 Firewire connector (doesn't go into a slot, but it is the kind that sist in one of the rear-panel slots)...I have installed this card and connected its cable to the only IE1394 connector on the motherboard...this leaves the built-in firewire ports of the CW01 case (the one on the front panel) in the cold...I am not sure how I can connect this one to my motherboard....can i use a connector to split the firewire connector on the moherboard?

    Third problems is the two built-in fans on the rear panel of Silverstone CW01...once again there is no place on the motherboard to plug these two fans in...any suggestions?
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    kk405, May 3, 2007
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