asus p5e3 deluxe and ddr3 ram, odd bios posting of 667mhz but runslike 1600?

Discussion in 'Asus' started by markm75, Sep 22, 2008.

  1. markm75

    markm75 Guest

    I have ocz3g16004gk 2GB modules x 4 (8-8-8-26 and 1.8v), i had trouble
    getting most 1600mhz options to work:

    Here is a complete list of the timings i've tried so far.. mostly
    without success.. the ones i'm listing are for 1600mhz, i figured i'd
    shoot for the moon.. the only way i can get it to work at 1600 (but
    not stable) is through auto settings and when all on auto, the bios
    posts 1601 mhz for ram speed and 3.01ghz for cpu.. if i turn most
    things to manual and set manual timings, i cant get the board to post,
    but if i set things to manual and set timings to auto.. it will post,
    but the CPU comes back at 3.61ghz and the memory at only 667mhz.. (CPU
    mark here is 5783, vs 4888 at 3.0ghz and memory passmark is 1223, vs
    1150 at 1600 auto mode or 1111 at 1333 auto mode).. i'm guessing based
    on the high passmarks, that the memory is actually running at 1600mhz
    despite showing up at 667 in the bios post?
    Here are the settings i've tried.. i havent tried this new "667mhz"
    posted setting long enough to know if it chokes, but usually file
    transfers on the same harddrive will kill it:

    AI overclock tuner= auto, manual (when manual, the fsb frequency goes
    to 400), while the fsb strap to nb stays at auto if on auto)
    CPU ratio = auto
    FSB strap to nbridge = auto , 400 (tried 400 for 1600mhz, but it wont
    DRAM skew channel a = 300ps
    dram skew channel b = 300ps
    dram frequency = 1600
    dram timing manual = 8-8-8-26 (tried this default value with dram
    frequency at 1600, no post, tried other values like 8-9-9-27 with no
    RAS to ras delay = auto
    ref cycle time = 100, tried 110 (no post on either, unless doing the
    auto timings and getting that 667mhz reading on post)
    write recovery time = auto
    read to pre = auto
    read to write and write to read delays = auto
    static read control = disabled
    dynamic write control = auto
    ai clock twister = auto
    ai transaction booster = auto
    cpu voltage = auto
    pll voltage = auto
    fsb termination voltage = auto
    dram voltage = 1.8 (specs on the chip, didnt stay stable either on
    auto or the manual timings), auto (no post)
    nb voltage = 1.45, 1.47, no stability here
    sb = auto
    clock overcharge voltage = auto
    cpu gtl voltage ref = auto
    north bridge gtl voltage = auto
    cpu spread spectrum = auto
    pcie spread spectrum = auto

    So at this point i'm trying these settings that got me the posting of
    ddr3 at 667mhz and 3.61ghz with memory speed timing set to auto and ai
    overclock at manual with fsb freq at 400.. again the passmark ratings
    seem like its actually 1600mhz memory.. my average cpu temp btw.. is
    106 typing away and peaks to 136 during heavy stress test..

    I'm also trying prime95 to stress test this thing, but the best bet is
    to copy large files or try to install ie8 beta2.. so far both cause a
    freeze.. no freeze yet with these 667mhz post settings yet though!

    Here is what CPUz says, havent tried your settings yet..

    Specification says the basic stuff, like 3.0ghz.. revision EO etc..
    voltage is 1.280v

    Clocks core speed is coming out at 2402.5, but i've seen it jump to
    like 3604 at one point.. multiplier seems to fluctuate between x6 and
    x9.. bus speed is 400.5 on average, while the rated FSB is 1601 mhz
    (shouldnt this really be 1333)..

    Dram frequency says 400.4mhz (is this essentially 1600mhz then? ie:
    400 x 4 cores)?

    FSB:dram says 1:1, cas latency is 6, ras to cas delay is 7, ras
    precharge 7, cycle time of 20, command rate 2T

    In the SPD field the max bandwidth for slot#1 says 667mhz (perhaps why
    the bios says 667 on post, and pc3-10700F)?

    Voltage at bottom is 1.5v..

    I'm not 100% up on these things, still not understanding why the bios
    is reporting 667mhz.. or if its ok to have the fsb at 1600 or is this
    required for the ram to be at 1600mhz?

    Ill try your settings later on as well..

    Any thoughts on this part though?
    markm75, Sep 22, 2008
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  2. markm75

    Paul Guest

    There is an article here, but it doesn't mention the 667 thing.

    You are trying to run four sticks at 1600, and I get the impression
    the manual is suggesting two at 1600 or four at 1333. The tuning
    could be quite different for the two cases. I think I'd want to
    start with two sticks, and see if the BIOS behaves a bit
    better with respect to settings.

    Paul, Sep 23, 2008
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