Asus P5Q will not boot from correct HDD

Discussion in 'Technical Support' started by graywellparts, Sep 8, 2023.

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    Sep 8, 2023
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    I have a system with a P5Q Pro Turbo MB. This system has 3 SATA drives. Two are identical WD1600, and a WD 5000. At one time the 2 WD 1600 were mirrored and had Windows 7 pro 32 bit OS, One of the programs on the system would not update until the system was upgraded to Windows 10. At that point I broke the mirror, and performed the upgrade. Well now the same program will not upgrade because of the 32 bit OS.

    So I used the second WD 1600 drive to install the new Windows 10 pro 64 bit OS. When I did this I disconnected the 32 bit drive. The install went through without any problems. After the new OS was installed and running I shutdown so I could reconnect the other drive. When the system was turned on again I went into BIOS to set boot priority. In BIOS this is how the drive are shown,

    SATA: PM-WDC WD1600 original 32bit system in SATA1 port
    SATA SM-WDC WD1600 new 64 bit system in SATA2 port

    With both drives I went into the boot menu and selected SATA SM-WDC WD1600 to be the boot disk. I verified that it was also shown in the boot priority menu. I saved my settings and exited. When the system started is booted into the PM-WDC 32 bit system. I shutdown again so I could go into BIOS and make sure I selected the correct drive, and I did.

    I have tried swapping the SATA data cables for the two drive and have the same problem. Around the 7th time I tried to restart the system it went into the 64 bit drive. I stayed in the drive for a time and restarted the system. It went back into the 32 bit drive.

    Can anyone tell me what I am missing here?
    Right now I have the system running with the 32 bit drive disconnected and it is running great.
    graywellparts, Sep 8, 2023
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