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ASUS P5WD2 Premium (ALC882D) and ATI AIW X600 Pro

Discussion in 'ATI' started by William Katz, Jul 9, 2005.

  1. William Katz

    William Katz Guest

    I currently have an open ticket with ATI on the following problem, but I
    thought I would seek out the help of the usenet community in hopes of
    fixing this.

    First here are the specs of my computer:

    ASUS P5WD2 Premium motherboard (BIOS 0204)
    Intel Pentium 4 3.8Ghz CPU
    1GB Corsair TWIN2X1024A-6400 (DDR2-800Mhz)
    ATI All-in-Wonder X600 Pro (PCI Express-16)
    Maxtor 200GB S-ATA drive (Model 6L200M0) on Intel ICH7 SATA1 connector
    WDC 120GB IDE/ATA drive (Model WD1200JB) on BLUE Intel ICH7 Primary IDE
    Plextor PX-716SA DVD-RW drive on Intel ICH7 SATA3 connector
    Sony 3.5" floppy drive

    IDE Configuration -> "Configure SATA As" set to "AHCI" in BIOS.

    Windows XP Professional w/SP2 (all critical Windows Updates)

    The motherboard has a built-in Realtek ALC882D HD audio codec.

    After installing Windows XP Professional w/SP2, I install all the
    appropriate drivers, such as the Intel Chipset drivers, NIC drivers, etc.

    I then install the audio drivers that I downloaded from
    The driver I downloaded is the Realtek 880D version 1.22 audio driver.
    It installs just fine, and I get audio, and the Realtek software works
    fine too (ie: Realtek HD Audio Manager/Realtek Sound Effect Manager in the
    Control Panel)

    *** Here is the problem: ***
    I then install the video drivers from ATI's web site. The driver I use is
    the ATI Catalyst 5.6 drivers (wdm driver, display driver, and control
    panel driver)
    After the video drivers install, **audio still works** but the Realtek
    programs **do not** work anymore! (The 'Realtek HD Sound Effect Manager'
    in the Control Panel does not work, neither does the Realtek mixer icon
    show up in the systemtray)
    The Realtek audio manager loads up in memory (according to Task Manager)
    but does not work! I have to kill the RTHDCPL.exe process because it
    causes general system slowness and instability.

    I tried following ATI's topic #737-19543 which says to load the Realtek
    audio drivers *after* installing the Catalyst drivers, but the result is
    the same!!

    What I believe is happening is some kind of software conflict between ATI
    Catalyst 5.6 and Realtek audio drivers.
    Or, maybe I am doing something wrong??
    Either ATI or Realtek should come out with a 'fix' for this issue?

    Does anyone have a similar hardware setup and experience the same
    problem?? Anyone with the Realtek ALC882D codec on their motherboard,
    using the Realtek audio drivers of course, and ATI Catalyst 5.6 ??

    Any help would be appreciated!
    William Katz, Jul 9, 2005
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  2. William Katz

    Ted Lozenge Guest

    Well thank god for you.

    btw.. why are you using the 25 cent onboard sound in that system.
    Ted Lozenge, Jul 9, 2005
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  3. William Katz

    William Katz Guest

    I was going to reply via email to you, but since it bounced back with
    'Host uknown' I just posted a follow up:

    The onboard sound is pretty good. These days, newer motherboards like the
    one I have, are getting better sound codecs. Besides, I am not that big
    of an audiophile. The ALC882D High Definition audio is fine for me.

    Anyway, was there any particular reason you replied with a follow up to my
    post, or did you hopefully have something useful to contribute?

    William Katz, Jul 9, 2005
  4. William Katz

    William Katz Guest

    I am following up to my own post, lol.
    Anyway, my hardware has slightly changed since my last post:

    ASUS P5WD2 Premium motherboard (BIOS 0422)
    Intel Pentium 4 3.8Ghz CPU
    1GB Corsair TWIN2X1024A-6400 (DDR2-800Mhz)
    ATI All-in-Wonder X600 Pro (PCI Express-16) (Maxtor's in RAID0)
    Maxtor 200GB S-ATA drive (Model 6L200M0) on Intel ICH7R SATA1 connector
    Maxtor 200GB S-ATA drive (Model 6L200S0) on Intel ICH7R SATA2 connector
    WDC 120GB IDE/ATA drive (Model WD1200JB) on RED ITE Primary EIDE
    Plextor PX-716A DVD-RW drive on BLUE Intel ICH7R Primary IDE
    Sony 3.5" floppy drive

    I have 2 Maxtor 200GB SATA drives in RAID0 configuration, and I changed
    the Plextor PX-716SA (SATA drive) to a PX-716A (IDE/ATAPI drive).

    So far, at least 2 other people are experiencing the same issue I am,
    regarding ATI's Catalyst driver (with an AIW card) and the P5WD2 Premium
    onboard audio (ALC882D).

    I still have an open ticket with ATI, and this is the last response I sent

    -----ATI ticket-----
    I believe I am narrowing down on where the problem is.

    The WDM Integrated Driver (5-7_xp-2k_wdm_24085.exe)

    I downloaded Catalyst 5.7, re-formated my hard drive, re-installed Windows
    XP Pro w/SP2, and installed Catalyst 5.7, but the problem still remains.

    When you did your test, did you use the All-in-Wonder Radeon X600 Pro or a
    non-All-in-Wonder Radeon card????

    Why do I think the problem lies within one (or more) of the 6 components
    of the Catalyst 5.7 WDM Integrated Driver?... Here:

    If I uninstall all 6 components from the Device Manager:
    ATI WDM Rage Theater Audio
    ATI WDM Rage Theaater Video NSP
    ATI WDM Specialized MVD Codec
    ATI WDM Specialized PCD Codec
    ATI WDM TV Audio Crossbar
    ATI WDM TV Tuner

    Reboot my computer, the Realtek HD Sound Effect Manager loads up!!!! It
    shows up in the system tray, and it works fine in the Control Panel.
    Windows finds the 6 WDM components again and installs them.

    I tried uninstalling each WDM component indivually and restarting Windows,
    but that had no effect on the Realtek software.

    I spoke with Realtek support, and they seem to think there is a
    non-compliance issue with the audio standards of the Catalyst drivers, in
    respect to the All-in-Wonder cards (and WDM drivers)
    The Realtek drivers work fine, as well as the Realtek HD Audio Manager
    Once the ATI WDM Integrated Driver gets installed, something in the
    programming causes a conflict with the Realtek ALC882D (ALC880) software.

    I used the Realtek ALC880 R1.22 driver and Catalyst 5.7 driver.

    Please test this using the All-in-Wonder Radeon X600 Pro!

    I can not be the only one experiencing this particular issue, but in case
    I am, that does not necessarily mean there is no problem with ATI's WDM

    Please let me know the status, and if you need to contact Realtek or
    myself please do so.
    -----ATI ticket-----

    ATI replied back 2 days later saying:
    "More tests were conducted using exactly your specifications and all has
    worked fine. We could not replicate your issues."
    There was some more bull#&*$ lines to that response, but I am not buying

    As I state in the beginning of this post, at least 2 other people are
    experiencing the same issue! One person replied via email to me, and I
    saw another person having the same issue on the asus.com forums!

    Realtek still has not replied back to me. If Realtek can get in touch
    with ATI, that would be great, but I doubt it.
    I have not opened any ticket with ASUS about this.

    Any input/comments/solutions would be appreciated.

    William Katz, Jul 24, 2005
  5. William Katz

    William Katz Guest

    replying to my post from July 23, 2005 :)

    Okay, so I called Realtek again, and let them know a few other people
    emailed me stating that they are experiencing the same exact problems.

    I let Realtek know that I would like a resolution to this problem. The
    Realtek tech told me that he will contact the engineers in Taiwan and he
    will let me know what the status is. He also mentioned that the engineers
    in Taiwan are trying to get an ATI AIW card so they can do their own
    Oh, and I have not replied or responded back to ATI yet.

    By the way, for those of you reading this thread/post on a web site forum,
    please note that I am posting this to Usenet, in the asus and ati
    newsgroups. Over recent years, some tech forum web sites relay messages
    from different Usenet newsgroups.
    I noticed similar messages to this in the asus.com forums as well.

    Anyway, hopefully this will get resolved soon, either by Realtek engineers
    or *gulp* ATI. My alternative will be to disable the onboard sound and
    install my Audigy 2ZS card.

    William Katz, Aug 5, 2005
  6. William Katz

    CraiginNJ Guest

    Does Catalyst 5.8 help any?

    Craig in NJ
    CraiginNJ, Aug 29, 2005
  7. William Katz

    William Katz Guest

    I am not sure if Catalyst 5.8 fixes it. The problem is with ATI's WDM
    drivers: 5-8_xp-2k_wdm_25203.exe is the latest one (part of Catalyst 5.8)

    I am currently using Catalyst 5.6 and Realtek's 880D driver R1.24, which
    was released on 8/25/2005. The problem still exists.

    Looking at the release notes for Catalyst ATI WDM drivers for 5.7 and 5.8,
    it doesn't look like they did anything regarding this.

    By the way, Realtek never did get back to me, by phone nor by email.

    I got fed up with ATI not acknowledging any problem, and decided to go
    with my alternative plan........ I bought a Soundblaster X-Fi Platinum two
    days ago!! I will install it either tonight or tomorrow.

    I might post a final reply to my open ATI ticket and let them know there
    is definitely independent proof that this problem is not specific to me..
    that others are experiencing the exact same problem!!

    Anyway, onto disabling the onboard audio and installing this nice sweet
    Soundblaster X-Fi Platinum!!
    Let's just hope the ATI WDM drivers do not affect the Soundblaster
    applications or drivers!!!!

    William Katz, Aug 30, 2005
  8. William Katz

    sLIboi Guest

    sLIboi, Aug 30, 2005
  9. William Katz

    mattberlin Guest


    I just signed up because I have the same problem. Well, Catalyst 5.
    works. But with Catalyst 5.11 the 3D performance is better. So, I a
    not satisfied with 5.5. Hopefully there will be a solution soon

    Best regards, Matthia
    mattberlin, Nov 18, 2005
  10. William Katz

    mattberlin Guest


    it works with catalyst 5.7. The performance is in between of 5.5 and
    Let's hope that 5.12 will fix all problems.

    best regards, Matthias
    mattberlin, Nov 20, 2005
  11. William Katz

    mattberlin Guest

    mattberlin, Nov 20, 2005
  12. William Katz

    anuria Guest


    I can solve the problem around it in not
    a pretty way, I'm causing
    the component "ATI WDM Rage Theater Audio", be in conflict so the
    realtek can work properly, of course the Ati works fine, in TV, FM,
    Video, ETC.

    In WIn XP SP2, in "Device manager", select "ATI WDM Rage Theater
    Audio", right click and select "update driver", then select "Don't
    search in web", and "don't install automatic", "I select form a
    list", select in ATI "ATI TV audio", or someone like that, Windows
    say that is not the driver, and say ok, The component will display an
    exclamation mark, and restart, It works very well since then, doesn't
    matter wich catalyst or Ati MMC I have installed, I recommend before
    to do a system restore point.

    I need help with another issue, form the begining I have another
    problem with my ATI All In Wonder X600Pro, it can't tune channel 18,
    it looks fuzzy, blank and White, with statics and no sound, and I
    test it in my TV's and the channel looks pretty cool, no glitches, or
    interfernce it's one of the best cahnnel that my Tv tune. I install
    the software that came with ATI CD (Catalystics 5.08 with MMC 9.03)
    and the firts time it works fine, but if I closed TV MMC and I open
    it again and so on it doesn't work, If i restart of course they never
    again works fine. So I uninstall and tried with ATI Internet software
    (Catalyst 5.11 and MMC 9.08) and it never can't tune channel 18. Can
    anyone help me with this?

    MotherBoard: Asus P5LD2 Deluxe (Bios 405),
    with realtek sound ALC882, Ethernet Gbit, Gameport Disable.
    Pentium D 3 Ghz, 830 (Dual Core)
    Ati All In Wonder X600Pro PCI Express,
    RAM: 2x512 MB RAM Kingston DDR 667 Dual Channel
    Hard Drive: Maxtor SATA 250 Gb
    Monitor: Daewoo 905DF
    ATAPI: 1 LG DVD burner and 1 LG CD burner
    anuria, Nov 22, 2005
  13. William Katz

    tccjohn Guest

    I also have a similar config and getting a conflict between th
    Reaktek sound and the AIW X60

    I load the system (Win XP Pro x64
    load all drivers except video and sound manager still comes up. But a
    soon as I load the video driver (and thats using the native xp x6
    driver for the ATI X600) the sound manager hangs

    I will be following the forum with the hope of a resoulution

    tccjohn, Nov 23, 2005
  14. William Katz

    anuria Guest

    Did you tried what "sLIboi" say in his earlier reply?, a Win 64 Erro
    anuria, Nov 23, 2005
  15. William Katz

    Bill Prady Guest

    The problem is solved with Catalyst 5.11
    Bill Prady, Dec 7, 2005
  16. William Katz

    Bill Prady Guest

    Wait... I spoke too soon. I uninstalled all the ATI software and the
    Realtek app started working (of course). Then I installed Catalyst 5.11 and
    it seemed to still be working. Then I began to reinstall the ATI Multi
    Media Center and Realtek stopped working.

    I then uninstalled everything and tried installing ATI first and Realtek
    second. No dice.
    Bill Prady, Dec 7, 2005
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