Asus PP-DLW/Windows 2003 Server/SoundMax ADI1885 fix

Discussion in 'Asus' started by COMPUTER GALLERY, Jan 15, 2004.

  1. Hello. After building a dual-Xeon w/ an Asus PP-DLW motherboard,
    loading Windows 2003, and running our burn-in procedure, we were
    receiving blue screens (0x000000d1, IRQ_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL,
    portcls.sys) after up to twenty-four hours run time. After doing some
    checking of the kernel dumps using the MS debugger, we established
    that the ADI1885 (ADI 1885) sound drivers were the culprit. The
    drivers that accompany the motherboard end in version .3500. We
    checked the Asus web site, and their version ends in .3500, but the
    major numbers in the version are different. We downloaded and
    installed those drivers and they turned out to be the exact same
    version shipped with the motherboard.

    BTW, I should mention that the drivers for this sound chip were
    included with Windows XP, but Microsoft removed them from Windows 2003
    Server. In fact, I believe the sound chip is the only thing on the
    motherboard that wasn't immediately recognized by the operating

    SoundMax doesn't make generic drivers available, and Asus didn't have
    newer drivers. Luckily, when we contacted SoundMax, we found a
    helpful person that sent us a new SMWDM.SYS (the main file for the
    driver) to test. It worked fine. He was also kind enough to provide
    a complete driver package, minus the INF file. However, these files
    aren't for redistribution and if you want them, I guess you'll have to
    hope Asus gets them on their page soon (I've alerted them), or contact
    me directly (I'm not going to post the SoundMax E-Mail to avoid them
    getting bombarded by spam).

    I'm hoping SoundMax will start making generic drivers available. It
    is a hole lot easier dealing with issues like these when you can get
    support from the OEM's web page.

    COMPUTER GALLERY, Jan 15, 2004
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    Aug 19, 2009
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    at the moment i got the same problem! I find this posting by searching the internet for a solutions..
    Is it possible to receive the driver? Maybe you can send it me by Email?

    Masterslice, Aug 19, 2009
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