Asus Prime X570-P M2 Drive Bottom running Hot? 159.2 F

Discussion in 'Technical Support' started by msskyhawk, Apr 27, 2020.

  1. msskyhawk


    Apr 27, 2020
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    I just built a new Computer RYZEN 7 3800X with ASUS
    Prime X570-P Motherboard!
    The bottom # 2 M2 SSD drive is running hot, I have input fans and 1 out put and 750 Watt Power supply fan & Processor fan the # 1 M2 SSD drive runs at 94 degrees F or less.
    LIAN LI tower case all aluminum.the M2 are upload_2020-4-27_4-54-33.png 250 GB bottom drive and top #1 Drive is upload_2020-4-27_4-57-2.png

    Other than the high temp on the bottom M2 #2 Drive all else is running great, I have 32 GB of DDR4 3200 ram
    and a Radeon RX 570 8 GB ram

    Anyone have any ideas why the high temp on #2 M2 drive?
    Thanks Msskyhawk
    msskyhawk, Apr 27, 2020
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