Asus Pundit-R - Questions?

Discussion in 'Asus' started by andrew.kv, Dec 28, 2004.

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    Looking for a bit of advise from some users of this barebones system.

    I have been asked to build on for a friend who wants to use it as an
    office workstation (so no fancy graphics, etc needed). I have built a
    few PCs before but only full size desktop ones.

    I have considered the following spec:

    Asus Pundit-R (Black)
    Intel Celeron D 335 (2.8Ghz)
    2x512Mb PC3200 RAM
    160Gb Maxtor DMax+ 10 SATA HDD
    DVD-RW Drive
    5 port USB PCI card
    Netgear WG311 Wireless LAN card.

    Here's the questions:

    I have read that there is problems using double sided RAM modules on
    the slot closest to the CPU heatsink. Can anyone recommend some good
    single sided 513MB PC3200 memory chips? I had considered GeIL Golden
    Dragons but these look like they are quite high and i am worried that
    they may not fit under the retention clips for the CPU heatsink.

    Would using a Pentium 4 3.0 GHz (Northwood) CPU create problems with
    heat disipation, etc?

    When i have installed Windows XP Pro on computers using SATA disks
    before i have always had to provide a driver via a floppy disk in order
    for windows to recognies the hard drive. How would i do this since the
    Pundit-R has no space for a floppy drive?

    An lastly. Anyone recommed a DVD-RW drive that has a tray that will fit
    through the flap on the front of the case? Does Asus's own unit fit? I
    have hear that is it a Pioneer with a different front.
    All recommendations very kindly appreciated.


    andrew.kv, Dec 28, 2004
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