ASUS SABERTOOTH X58: how many blocks of RAM for 12 GB?

Discussion in 'Asus' started by ulixi, Jan 18, 2011.

  1. ulixi

    ulixi Guest

    Hi, ASUS SABERTOOTH X58 and I'd like to put 12GB RAM CORSAIR DDR3
    1600 12GB. Can I add 2 block of 6GB RAM (or 4 block of 3GB RAM)? What
    is better?
    thank you!
    ulixi, Jan 18, 2011
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  2. ulixi

    Paul Guest

    (page 28)

    A2 A1 B2 B1 C2 C1
    -- X -- -- -- -- Single stick
    -- -- -- X -- --
    -- -- -- -- -- X

    -- X -- X -- -- Dual channel

    -- X -- X -- X Triple channel
    X X X X X X

    X X -- X -- X Triple channel, four sticks

    You can do 12GB these two ways. This gives triple channel
    operation, and the desired capacity. I would use the 4GB
    sticks, assuming I could find ones with good performance specs.

    -- 4 -- 4 -- 4 Triple channel
    2 2 2 2 2 2

    The QVL entries don't show the testing of kits of 4GB sticks, but I can
    find an entry implying they've tested up to 6x4GB using this A-DATA
    unmatched module with Hynix chips. This entry means, they bought the modules
    one at a time, until they had tested six of them.

    "A-DATA AD3U1333C4G9-B 4GB DS Hynix H5TQ2G83AFRH9C 1333 9-9-9-24"


    This would be an example of a 3x4GB DDR3-1600 CAS9 kit. It runs
    at 1.5V, and stays within the Intel recommendation of less than 1.65V.
    $200 for 12GB.

    You can look up the Corsair recommended modules here.

    (For Sabertooth X58 - scroll down to the *bottom* of the page, for the listing.)

    Or for that matter, go to the Kingston site and find some memory in
    their listings.

    (An example of a 12GB kit)

    There will be some variation, in what kind of kits are
    available world-wide, so you may have to modify your
    choice according to availability. If nobody is selling
    kits of 3x4GB where you live, you can also use 6x2GB as
    a solution. Just buy two kits of 3x2GB and plug them in.

    Paul, Jan 18, 2011
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  3. ulixi

    Foke Guest

    I remember when 2GB was a lot of memory, and I don't have to remember too
    far back.

    I question the need for 12GB of memory unless you're building a server.
    Foke, Jan 18, 2011
  4. ulixi

    DevilsPGD Guest

    In message <> Foke
    Or are a heavy user of VMs. Or work with massive data sets. Or you
    have a small penis. Or it's simply the cost effective route.

    For me, it's half because I'm a heavy VM user, and half because it's the
    most cost effective route. I wanted triple channel, 3x2GB wasn't enough
    (my old box had 6GB and did occasionally swap), so 2x sets of 3x2GB was
    more practical than other alternatives, especially since it gives me
    room to grow.

    I'm typically sitting with about 20MB-40MB of "free" (wasted) RAM, the
    RAM I'm not using is used by the OS disk cache, so I likely receive at
    least some benefit despite only actively using 7GB-8GB or so.
    DevilsPGD, Jan 19, 2011
  5. ulixi

    Foke Guest

    That makes sense.

    And as an added benefit, your e-penis will be massive! :p
    Foke, Jan 19, 2011
  6. ulixi

    DevilsPGD Guest

    In message <> Foke
    Exactly! There's wee, there's not so wee and there's fucking huge.
    DevilsPGD, Jan 20, 2011
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